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Hello ! I'm a french painter, all new here. Making my first steps to discover Mastodon and the community :)

Here is a study in that I made last week

credits :

I have been busy working on this . She needs some enhancing and yellowing in the lights, but I think I didn't betray the reference. I really love these Rosemary brushes !!!

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More drawing experiments today. It really feels very pencil-like, specially with a sheet of paper on the tablet. A ctrl-z enabled paper, that is. Now I'm trying grease pencil in blender, to see what it brings.

Lockdowns make me ponder working digitally, as all exhibitions are cancelled one after the other. Trying my hands at , I think I like it.

Preliminary drawing for a portrait of my optician. We traded a pair of progressive glasses for an :-) Isn't that fair of him ?

Almost done with this one :-) I need to keep repeating myself not to paint every strand of hair but the simplified shape.

I received some amazing handmade brushes from an artisan woman in UK, it feels like I never had real brushes before :-) For the first time I feel like I decide what the brush makes, instead of the opposite.

Painting a study of a readhead. I'm struggling with that hair ! I find it hard to get the right balance between showing the paint work and showing the hair detail.

One year after ;-) I finally finished my sun shade painting visor :-) It went not so bad, I'm happy of the result. Sliding the wire inside the finished bias binding was the most challenging. The pattern is available on the internets , it is called "lucent visor" . It has a really huge shade

Working on brushstrokes work, copying a study after Jeremy Lipking. Working in wet oil is really cool once you decide it can be :-)

Displaying my and works in the epic setup of the Abbaye de Celles-sur-Belle, together with other nice artists from the region . I feel really lucky !

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I was invited to display my together with friends from La Galerie Nomade, in the Abbaye of Celles-sur-Belle, for the week-end of 10 - 11 October. Details on :

My paintings are in display at Manu's optician shop "Optique et Cie" in Couhé 86700 France , during September. Manu is not only a great professional, but also a very nice person. &cie

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If you gaze at the arts or the discourse of today with disappointment, devote yourself to making and sharing something better. Build if only in a small way the culture you wish to live in.

The image is "Inspiration" by William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1898).

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I just created another account for my ham radio side as , as an attempt not to get art followers bored with radio stuff and vice versa . Have a nice sunday everyone :-)

I have just had my first 5 CW QSOs on 20m. Pfew ! That was quite a struggle, but also a real feeling of accomplishment :-) Fortunately the guys were veeeerrryy patient @M0YNG

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