I used to want this one. It’s quite good and may be in sale near you if you’re into

"reylo vs the praetorian knights" is rey and kylo's 2nd band name..they're still figuring it out mastodon.art/media/Ka5DdtZ-mqZ

I’m trying an experiment in which I draw things which may eventually inspire quilts. Possibly smaller quilts? I don’t know. This is tonight’s. Inspired by what I’ve seen in my town.

Taking a break to do some work on my sewing machine. I’m going to be piecing a quilt with some fabrics I got in a giveaway.

More today! Every hand- project takes a lot of time. And spacing it out helps you avoid injury. It does mean spending a lot of time with the same project.

Sometimes it’s very important for me to read books which are essentially permission slips in the middle of projects I’m doing.

This quilt is not by Nancy Crow, but she includes it in her book. And I am floored by once again encountering a modernist, pre-modernist quilt from the 1800s.

I’m reading this book about Nanci Crow and her quilts tonight. I am utterly overwhelmed by what she does and I feel like I want to post a picture of every page, but I won’t be able to.

I finished my bat/let’s be weird together . I am so glad it’s done before Valentine’s Day, although I know it may not get there quite in time. But still. Close!!! It’s for a very dear friend.

Making a combining two patterns. One is “let’s be weird together,” the other is a cute hanging bat. For a dear friend.

A reminder tonight to be kind when your body asks for a break. You have more art to make. Change gears to something which strains less or rest. You can’t always avoid injuries and long recoveries, but sometimes you can.

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