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The Ib remake English version is live on Steam!

If you haven't played this RPGmaker horror classic you're SERIOUSLY missing out, go give it a shot!!

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@Roxhaz wir müssen einfach rumerzählen wie viel Spaß wir hier ohne alle anderen haben

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back to posting backlog ✨

This was for a little prompt of sorts, the theme was "myths and legends". I was inspired by the Finnish legend of Tulikettu, the "fire fox" 🦊

I love the way the dove that's cooing outside throws its whole body into it. you go girl

I guess it’s time that I outed myself as the weeb I am... 🦋⭐️🌈

i’m so glad you liked my dnd character! here’s the whole party 🤗

The fact that I get basically nothing but ads for viagra on tumblr is honestly so reassuring bc it means they don’t know me at all.

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Hi! I'm Jessica Elena, a Swedish artist who loves making fun and playful art with lots of green, yellow and orange.

When it comes to techniques I mainly work digitally, but I have also explored some traditional papercut collage this year which has been absolutely lovely!

@BirbsandDragons thanks a lot! :)) I was inspired by these martial arts dummies made from wood!

want to see my D&D character?? here you go anyway!

she's a warforged monk and a baby

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