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The Ib remake English version is live on Steam!

If you haven't played this RPGmaker horror classic you're SERIOUSLY missing out, go give it a shot!!

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back to posting backlog ✨

This was for a little prompt of sorts, the theme was "myths and legends". I was inspired by the Finnish legend of Tulikettu, the "fire fox" 🦊

I love the way the dove that's cooing outside throws its whole body into it. you go girl

I guess it’s time that I outed myself as the weeb I am... 🦋⭐️🌈

i’m so glad you liked my dnd character! here’s the whole party 🤗

The fact that I get basically nothing but ads for viagra on tumblr is honestly so reassuring bc it means they don’t know me at all.

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Hi! I'm Jessica Elena, a Swedish artist who loves making fun and playful art with lots of green, yellow and orange.

When it comes to techniques I mainly work digitally, but I have also explored some traditional papercut collage this year which has been absolutely lovely!

want to see my D&D character?? here you go anyway!

she's a warforged monk and a baby

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implied suicide, implied hanging, ghosts 

It's left in the roots.

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A bit of belated

I'm Lou, a French illustrator and graphic designer - I'm a big fan of women, full plate armors and, naturally, women in full plate armors.

I also like history, reading literary and linguistic theory, writing about the importance of blanks in narration as well as playing video games and crouching on the sidewalk to convince the nearest stray cat to let me pet them.

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Catching up on my current project, small improvised drawing of imaginary architectures.
Soon to be printed as a self published book !

1-Lighthouse, fort, restaurant, smugglers' hideout, this little island did all of this, sometime all at once.

2-The old observatory, now merely a communication tower, crumbling in disrepair under the weight of antennas.

3-The mad scientist lair, build upon the remains of the family castle, growing each day more weird and menacing.

posting about old projects that I still really like 🤷‍♀️

I made a children's book about a historical train station in Berlin, these are some of the illustrations. 🚂

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The river opened her mouth and spat into a vast sea
Larger and bluer than a cloudless sky
Muscular, prodigious, immortal
But our vessel was invulnerable
It was well built, the boat rocked me into sleep
And I floated through a deep dream
Smooth sailing through the castle in the air

we planted some herbs on the balcony the other day and my excitement at the possibility of stepping outside to gather some fresh basil and sprinkling it over my pasta can barely be contained.

time to backlog a bit, for fun.

I drew this back in 2019 after i finished reading the brothers lionheart by astrid lindgren, my favourite of her books.

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