Watch "Heavy Lifting vs Graham Dunning - live coding beats & techno improvisation" on YouTube

Watch "Bedhol Songsong Sawal Alip 1955: Ringgit Wacucal Lampahan Sayembara Slagahima" on YouTube

muzik generated from txt

Watch "TidalClub Longest Night Marathon 2021: 21-23 December" on YouTube

here i launch this "muzik nukaduque" project which is about mixing fermented nukadokos forever with dedicated musical-impros, singings, and readings, order to bring out pickled sound tracks via my script

Watch "[TidalClub] Shifting time / beat rotation" on YouTube

Watch "Ornette Coleman - The Art of Love is Happiness" on YouTube

Watch "Don Cherry - Organic Music - Incontro con Don Cherry - RAI" on YouTube

Watch "sweater pattern / made with TidalCycles and p5.js" on YouTube

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