Ummm. Does anybody here watch RWBY? I didn't draw this but I thought it was cute.

You know what I hate? I hate the part in Ultra Despair Girls when Monaca kisses Nagisa and he's just crying. I was fairly freaked out. Hold up, I found pictures. :I I'm putting it as sensitive because it's GROOSSSSS.

I may have spelled her name wrong. But I don't really care. :)

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Does anybody else find it funny that Tsumugi revealed herself as "Junko Enoshima the 53rd" or is that just me?

I saw this and sort of laugh/cried at it so I'm posting it here. I laughed really freaking hard at this. I'm low key Monokuma in this ngl. This is definitely something that would occur between me and one of my male friends.

I'm low key in the middle of a very long (as in days and weeks) mental breakdown so I don't really have the energy to draw something post worthy so I will not be posting my art for a while. I will probably be posting memes or something like that.

I didn't draw this but It made me laugh. All credits to the original artist.
Also TW Blood? It's not the same color but it's still blood.

Here's the drawing of Kiibo, don't look at it if it's going to make you uncomfortable. Please keep your brains safe.

I have a slight problem. I've tried drawing Kiibo from drv3 normally but the only times that I draw him and he looks good is when I'm horny and draw him making one of those faces. It's a problem because he's baby and I can't draw him unless it's lewd (I don't usually draw that kind of stuff but sometimes it just happens). :/

Sooo, I just got a girlfriend, soooooo. Um, I'm really happy. :)

I was vibing and I got an email from my teacher about something I sent him about music. But he really just dissed 3 of my favorite bands. He just put them down. I don't care, I thought it was funny.

I'm disappointed at the lack of fanfiction websites available on my school computer. Why the hell are all the good ones blocked?

Yo, coming back home from a weekend that I literally spent pulling all nighters and cosplaying to getting more followers is actually pretty neat. I was just vibing and then I went through my notifications and I was like: this can't be right. But it was and I freaked out. πŸ˜—

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