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^ bumping this! my first post is a timelapse video of my patreon tier artwork

🎏 🎏

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Etsy ad PSA 

saw this going around on twitter and it aligns with what i've heard from a few friends who do or used to sell via etsy

Trans top surgery crowdfund, time-sensitive, boosts and love appreciated! 

Hey lovelies! Some of you might know I mentioned my top surgery date a month or so ago. It's still on!

The good news is, Medicaid is covering the procedure. The bad news is, it won't cover the mandatory hospital stay and other expenses required by my surgeon, Dr. Montante of RVA.

I'm asking for donations towards the $1000 I'm trying to raise. Any bit helps. You'd be directly and immediately helping a trans person who'd 💜 you for doing it!

If I can't raise the money pretty soon, I'll have to postpone the surgery until late this summer.

Since I can't bind due to lung problems, that would seriously impact my ability to pass as it warms up, derailing my mental health and sense of security at work and elsewhere.

Links below towards my GoFundMe, and my Paypal. Thank you!!

Hey so sales are kinda bad this month, at this rate I won't be able to pay my bills (like rent, or food for the creature I accidentally summoned)
If you like my art and want to help you can either:
- check out my shop
- toss me a coin
- just boost this
Thanks a lot!

ended looking like those pictures that show up when you google female bullying lol. just a doodle anyway haha

I'm seeing an alarming number of boys and young men entering our online spaces scared and confused because they might be pregnant. Due to testosterone stopping their menstrual cycle, they believed it was impossible for them to get pregnant — thus they were not as cautious and safe as they otherwise would have been while with their partner.

**If you have not had a hysterectomy, you can potentially get pregnant while on testosterone.**

There are trans men several years on T who will report abruptly having their cycle again after not having one for 1-3 years. It's possible. Improbable, but possible.

You need to continue practicing safe sex even while on T.

recommendation for interacting with artists and art 

if you see someone's done an art and you think, "wow... that's cool as fuck..." then i recommend leaving a comment like "wow that's cool as fuck" and that way they'll know that someone else thinks it's cool as fuck

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