todays aesthetic is ominojsly posting about paint colours

Lamp Black is the opposite of Cadmium Yellow. It is the void. A single drop of it spreads like a plague. It will overtake and assimilate. Do not trust Lamp Black, no matter how unassuming it may convince you it is.

Note to self: cadmium yellow exists in a void. Wanna mix it? Use 10 times the amount you think you need or itll vanish to the land between colours and youll be left with your original colour, unaltered.

Im using green to paint an orange tiger. Dont trust colours they live only to deceive

Been playing a lot of Animal Crossing recently, so I wanted to recreate the Bungou Stray Dogs characters as Animal Crossing Villagers!
Hi-res, unwatermarked download available on my ko-fi or patreon!

Just a short lil timelapse for me experimenting with faber castells:

COVID-19 mention no problem!

COVID-19 mention 

Hey my therapist shared with me some coping mechanisms for dealing with COVID-19, so I thought I'd share it here too (link to a google doc)

yissssss the full ref sheet. it is finally complete
im v good at procrastinating with other projects i kept forgetting to do the faces lsdkaf

I just realized that the firsr "book" I ever wrote was the Dragon Tales of Nintendo. idk how to process this

This came up yesterday on another account and I'm curious to know what the numbers look like. :)

Those of you with phobias, how do you feel about words like transphobia, homophobia, etc. to describe bigoted attitudes/acts?

Boosts are helpful to get many diverse responses!


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