@tuxdevices Thank you a lot for the time and work you put into this tutorial. Very interesting and educational.

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It's been a busy weekend! The first part of "Building responsive apps for #Linux smartphones with #GTK and #libhandy" has just been published, covering:

- setting up a Gtk+libhandy dev environment
- creating your first *responsive* GTK app
- bundling as #Flatpak for deployment
and more

You can find the tutorial here: tuxphones.com/tutorial-develop

I printed some tiny building blocks, but they turned out to be too light for serious fun.

It's the first time for me to draw birds. Since I don't want the fourth to look much better than the first, I draw them in parallel. It's also the first time that I use Bristol paper.

@welshpixie Wow! That's a wonderful indication of your endurance.

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Just starting with "The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds". Do you have an opinion about that book?

I am pretty sure I don't appreciate enough how easy it is nowadays to access countless tutorials on almost anything you can imagine.
And I am pretty sure I watch way too many tutorials without actually following along.

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Thank you for sharing! Great art, and the first time I heard about watercolor crayons.

Bought two violet to finish the sketch. I winged a lot of details in this sketch, so for the final drawing I have to look for more photo references.

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Vegeta () and Yamato () attempt a rare and highly dangerous inter-universal fist bump, because I know someone who likes those two characters very much. 😄

I drew this (here yet un-cut) in June and realized once more that color pencils are my favorite drawing tool. 😍

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What OS camp are you in? Hopefully this will be big so please boost so we can get as many votes as possible

I can't stop myself drawing flowers for mugs. Fineliners would be more convenient, but I enjoy the simplicity and robustness of the dip pen. Unfortunately I have to take a break and buy a violet pencil for the final drawing.

These rooms look quite reasonable for being procedurally generated. Very nice!

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