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Thank you for sharing! Great art, and the first time I heard about watercolor crayons.

Bought two violet to finish the sketch. I winged a lot of details in this sketch, so for the final drawing I have to look for more photo references.

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Vegeta () and Yamato () attempt a rare and highly dangerous inter-universal fist bump, because I know someone who likes those two characters very much. 😄

I drew this (here yet un-cut) in June and realized once more that color pencils are my favorite drawing tool. 😍

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What OS camp are you in? Hopefully this will be big so please boost so we can get as many votes as possible

I can't stop myself drawing flowers for mugs. Fineliners would be more convenient, but I enjoy the simplicity and robustness of the dip pen. Unfortunately I have to take a break and buy a violet pencil for the final drawing.

These rooms look quite reasonable for being procedurally generated. Very nice!

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Today's tarot draw is the Three of Cups :tarotcup: 

Today's tarot draw is the Three of Swords :tarotsword: 

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Today's tarot draw is the Three of Swords :tarotsword: 

I am sure some people don't mind the sketchiness. 😉

The proof print of the third mug arrived today. So far the mockups at Redbubble's site have proven to be quite accurate.

The third flower drawing is done. I am a little bit curious about how the almost white blossoms will finally turn out on the white product (mug). The scan turned out to be more saturated than the photo, so I am pretty sure it's alright. I am awaiting the proof print any day.

This is scheduled to be an Easter present in 2020.

Now it's finally possible to die in the I am developing - by failing kicking down a door. 😂 There are still many basics to cover, but I am happy to finally implement actual game content.

One Christmas gift is ready.
So far I am my biggest critic, which I think is a good thing. I am really looking forward to do another in August, forcing myself to gain experience instead of experimenting.

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lovable wildflowers!! also wanna do wild strawberry and deadly nightshade.. and others but idk what? :0

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