Done! The fly agaric. The pattern I used is from
Who else likes to crochet a lot but stitching and sewing not so much?

Crocheting a fly agaric as a present.
My fingers hurt a little bit.

I printed some tiny building blocks, but they turned out to be too light for serious fun.

It's the first time for me to draw birds. Since I don't want the fourth to look much better than the first, I draw them in parallel. It's also the first time that I use Bristol paper.

Just starting with "The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds". Do you have an opinion about that book?

I am pretty sure I don't appreciate enough how easy it is nowadays to access countless tutorials on almost anything you can imagine.
And I am pretty sure I watch way too many tutorials without actually following along.

Bought two violet to finish the sketch. I winged a lot of details in this sketch, so for the final drawing I have to look for more photo references.

I can't stop myself drawing flowers for mugs. Fineliners would be more convenient, but I enjoy the simplicity and robustness of the dip pen. Unfortunately I have to take a break and buy a violet pencil for the final drawing.

The proof print of the third mug arrived today. So far the mockups at Redbubble's site have proven to be quite accurate.

The third flower drawing is done. I am a little bit curious about how the almost white blossoms will finally turn out on the white product (mug). The scan turned out to be more saturated than the photo, so I am pretty sure it's alright. I am awaiting the proof print any day.

This is scheduled to be an Easter present in 2020.

One Christmas gift is ready.
So far I am my biggest critic, which I think is a good thing. I am really looking forward to do another in August, forcing myself to gain experience instead of experimenting.

I wondered for a long time, if building blocks with unequal width and height are a great idea. So I finally took some time and made a few blocks and slopes from .

As it turned out, they are not.

Am I so lazy lately that I only get something done when I need a gift? I wasn't happy with the ink drawing, but I hope it will turn out nice printed on a mug substantially shrunken.

Now I am going to find more friends who need presents.

My first attempt on the paper I am working on.
"Unfortunately" it's a complete fail. I guess I have to write a little program to test different methods and random tables. 😜

I had to quickly paint a and had to improvise (no red ). I think the leaves turned out better than the blossom.

The first couple of skunks I made and unfortunately had to give away as a present. 😢

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