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hello, i’m elle~ i like playing nintendo games, buying too many stickers, petting dogs, and attempting to fill up my hobonichi

i make comics about my life and feelings, watercolor paintings, and illustrations. i also am hoping to someday start a podcast with my friend!

after about a year break, i want to get back to working on things and feeling confident about my art again

it was almost warm today and thats Very unusual for this time of year where i live

i haven’t been feeling so well lately, but i remembered asuka and my half empty hobonichi from last year

hello everyone~ i had a bit of a break because of my schedule, but i hope everyone has been well and making lots of things

hopefully today i’ll be able to Try to draw between running around

oh, i thought that posted twice but i deleted one and both went away

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in the meantime, I'll post my commission prices! Boosts are super appreciated! thanks for looking!

i had a really busy day yesterday, and am going to have another one today

my app updated and i’m all confused and i did not mean to make those all public


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I've been a little uncomf mentioning it cause I feel like I'm begging, but I have a . It's a bit out of date cause I'm trying to restructure it so if anyone has any suggestions LMK. But I'm gonna start posting daily drawings once a week starting early next year.

Here it is!

every time i get a haircut i forget that layers just don’t do well with my hair, so here i am, growing the layers out

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Sharing some of the art I usually do when it’s not comics. I love fountain pens and making ink washes with them. I also love playing with light and values.

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my current favorite is wonderful! its so fun to listen to and always puts me in a good mood

does anybody have any podcasts they like to listen to when they draw? this could be a thread of suggested ones!

when i first started having small animals as pets, the sound of their wheel didn’t keep me up, but i wasn’t in love with it, and now its almost comforting and i like hearing them munch on their food and explore while i fall asleep

sometimes i wish you could hashtag things, but then when you did it didn’t add the # and just highlighted the word, there’s something about it being there that scares me

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