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If you want to me, send me a DM through here!

3D Low Poly Information:


it's still an hour and some minutes left for pride but here's some dnd soft stuff i did

happy pride y'all

Next month's full sketch has been uploaded as an exclusive teaser for Tier X's supporters!
( featuring the Lady of Light from )

For a limited time, there's a 25% price reduction in case you want to commission one of your characters! Send me a DM if you want more info!

This will be applied on any price from the bottom picture that goes over 20€. Terms of Service still apply as usual.

Male nipples 

bust drawing of @streekerOG and @LuxiayK_NSFW 's fursonas!

LowPolySuperDeformed fanart model of my character (the previous design before 6.1 dropped that is)

Muscles and male clevage 

Archie sketch suggested by a supporter on this February's monthly sketch raffle on pixivFANBOX.

"It's been a long time. How have you been?"

Happy 10th anniversary to my first FPS, Portal 2

"It seems I'm unfashionably late, but I'm ready to give you everything you want"

Male nipples 

"Ended up lasting more than 6 seconds, didn't I?"

fast drawing with Xardaar on his Super form, as a last resort, done in our :dnd: campaign vs Tiamat and his champion, Arkhan

【Model Showcase】
Emily (.fbx/.blend 3D model)
* Character by @TeffiniWynn (
* Original artwork by @Khwany_kawawii (
* 3D modelling done by me


Extra information in case of NSFW commissions:
♦ +50% total price if it's NSFW
♦ Please no extreme kinks except: hyper, muscle, socks (not f*et), wardrobe malfunction and BDSM [without g*re, only legal outfits accepted]

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Extra information:
♦ +50% price for each extra character
♦ For commercial usage, DM me for a more detailed rundown on the project and budget; EnEfTees are absolutely prohibited, get the heck outta here
♦ I'm on the right to not accept certain commission requests
♦ Crediting me for the final product is always necessary

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If you want to me, send me a DM through here!

3D Low Poly Information:

So here's a first post!
I'm OSformula and I'm a self-taught 3D Artist (currently I’ve done over 40 models based on anime-styled female and male characters, animals and Low Poly characters) and I also do 2D artworks.
Nice to meet you all again and I'll be sure to upload stuff here from time to time!


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