IS TOMORROW~! I'm getting one beer.

I'm drawing alot of cute stuff lately :> I just got a book on doing bows and frills and stuff. Kinda excited.

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Another 'dala assembled into a circle digitally from a hand-drawn 30° wedge.

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Found the solution to my bug problem! Never again! 😤 😤 😤

Correction. Killed a Scutigera coleoptrata

Didn't have to....just didn't want it crawling on me while I sleep. Stupid reason to take a life.

Also had to kill a silverfish and I feel horrible about it.

The sun skips on the water of the river in your eyes.

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The gif quality is....not too bueno and I’m too laze to fix cuz I’m on iPad :) /non gif version

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of my favourite ship, and ♥ Would anyone buy this as a mini-print? It's postcard res!

To all the people who recently followed me yall really the MVPs.

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Pre-orders for my latest album "Cult Rock Accommodation" are up on Bandcamp:

This includes 3 readily streamable & downloadable power pop punk of a queer revolutionary nature songs. All of which are Faster Than Your General Songs

$6+ Patreon backers can access the full album 8 days before release via this link:

Shares are massively important cuz a lot of my life over the last 2 years is in this

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