Figure You Out - VOILÀ

Song stuck in my head and that chorus got me thinking about saigenos, figure out all that circuitry oh yes. Rest of the song less relatable, but eh lol

My take on genoko with the spiky armour

When all the reference pictures are too dark to see the mech details, it becomes a free for all. Just put lines and wires EVERYWHERE

Draw me like one of your french borgs

I looked up schematic diagrams I do not understand just so I could make this parody. Forgive me, any electricity experts lol

(futurama parody)

how to care for your cyborg

I have been procrastinating on animating the armour, but here we are now... so many details ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I am basically obsessed with the now several swords I've made out of fragments of sky 😭

Day 27 - Mythological
Day 26 - Galactic
Day 25 - Translucent

I continued to add backgrounds to those illustrations I made not long ago but I'm starting to get fed up with drawing them (and I feel like it's noticable haha...) so the next few will just have a white background 😁

one punch cats

Started off with me wanting to draw saitama with cat ears, but that just looked weird so I made him a cat instead. And then the rest of the gang as cats..

(american curls are like the cutest things ever tho omg)

The best way to remember the design of mechanical parts is to draw it 20 times ◔_◔

punch man

More fun with backgrounds and tengu + kitsune yaaay

(Also why are all my file sizes so big? Or maybe it’s normal to have like 40-60 MB if the canvas is big enough?? Maybe I have too many layers?? 🤔)

Some F/M and M/M ginhijigin? Sign me up ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Had a fun time drawing this and it's based on a fic

The fic is fantastic and sooo spicy. Don't get to see many genderbend fics and it works well with the canonverse!

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