Procreate has a feature where you can export your drawing as a timelapse. It's not the most flattering "how to", but fun none the less to see the progress. (Well, for me at least.)

being into software preservation, i'm interested in #90s #warez #CDs (or other media, like tape backups), that were sold in the black market (etc) at that time, because they tend to have interesting stuff on them that since got lost to time (example: one tape backup had a build of NT "Cairo" on it!)

if anyone in the fediverse has any, and is willing to image them for me (or get them sent somewhere to image), kindly contact me :)

please boost for visibility

Trying out Halcyon, that so many talks about. Now I know why...

I don't really agree that "everybody must love work", but listening to this makes work a bit more fun at least:

Y'know, I should probably start with #introductions, being new on Mastodon and all.

I'm Björn (Swedish for "Bear") and just arrived here from the slightly less nice place that you may know as "Social Media Hell", "Digital Nazi Sharknado" or simply "Twitter".

I'm level 42, father of dogs and have interests.

I'm still figuring this out, so bear with me. while I figure out what to use it for. I like what I'm seeing here so far though.

I registered on, not exactly knowing how things work (didn't realize you could hang in Federation for example, which I kind of fell in love with) - is it okay to post general topics, or is it prefered to stick to the theme of the instance?

is there a way to say, look specifically at the local timeline of another instance?

The way I see it, Mastodon has some inherent advantages over Twitter, and some (possibly fixable) disadvantages. At this point I would just love to have a better UI on desktop web browsers. There's a lot of work to be done befor this is going to appeal to the masses. :)

Okay - one day later and I finally get why it says "toot"...

I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, and I guess that's pretty descriptive as a form of introduction that seems to be recommended here. :)

I'm Swedish, in my fifties, I draw without purpose and I like trying out different styles, to see what happens. (Lately I've been exploring the style posted below.) I mainly draw/paint on my iPad with Apple Pencil; it allows me to draw a bit every day without hassle.

If you ask me I really can't draw, but then I really couldn't not draw, if you know what I mean. Anyways, look forward to dive into you posts, art and try to figure out this mastodon-thingy.


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