Heads-up, gonna be muting this post now- lots of people boosting it and whatnot (thank you!), and it's filling my notifications.

@saturn IKR? I swear, I couldn't have explained it better (which is why I shamelessly stole it).

@onlinedevil It’s not stealing if the original author appears clearly in the screenshot :tanya_thonk:

@onlinedevil heck, we could extrapolate and say the same of urban centers/town centres and they're already mostly like ikea showrooms for multiple corporations, historically increasingly hostile to human life.

@Milouchkna @onlinedevil check out our new City of Ottawa 21st century design plan, it looks like something that was drawn in the 1970s on a drafting table cause CAD was still too expensive, so everything is straight lines and boxes, and ugly af, and y'know what, we're gonna just stick that onto a hotel built in 1912 which has a more Victorian look to it.



we're lacking one or more ways to build alternatives, though

@onlinedevil A part on the web is not "the Internet". It's just that, a part of the web… People really stop think that Internet = facebook, twitter, me(r)duim and all other crap made by and for advertisers…

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