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Having a tapeworm fursona makes me smarter and sexier than everyone else.

guy who's only eaten grapes: getting a lot of grape vibes from this new citrus fruit!

Ebay is demonic. Did you know that the E stands for Evil?! It's sick.

Was frustrated that I struggled with drawing backs, so I decided to do something about it! ✏️

(CW for artistic nudity)

NSFW, somewhat explicit 

This took a lil' bit too long to make, but it was fun. Tagging this as explicit to be safe.

Soft boys let's goooo

Ko-fimission for Sharpz_Art on Twitter!! Thank u for commissioning me my kitty cat will appreciate it u_u !!!
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Crowdfunding a bit of aid due to my husband and his mother contracting COVID-19. I have to lose a week of pay and given that I just spent a year unemployed, we don't have any savings to compensate for an event like this.

I also have venmo and cashapp

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