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nothing could be more tragic than that :flushed:

omg there's a :deviantart: icon... im shook this site so damn cute :flushed:

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(2nd one is a test on different coloring styles by other people, 3rd is a redraw of someone's drawing)

my haruka

awaggha i hated the sketch and it took me a while to get to the second drawing 😓

i was gonna make my profile picture the drawing i just did but i can't part with this burger man

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have a random screenshot of this corgi mount bc i have a profound affection for Corgis

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[me, in august, making plans for inktober that i definitely wont act on]

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i was very proud of this doodle!!

clover belongs to xSuzuran on dA! B)
i guess

doodles from an rp group!

elliot belongs to S-S-Senpai on deviantart and clover (pink-haired) belongs to xSuzuran on deviantart

the cheesehead is my !

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anyone ever repair a painting before? i want to keep this painting by my grandfather from deteriorating more

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my haruka in some pinterest outfit i found for him 😎

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