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First post. Krita and MyPaint user who wants to make beautiful things. Desperately trying to improve. Here's a piece from 2018, "Approaching Destiny."

Kinda feel like I'm the only person who likes Hellenica.

Because Jake Parker is a POS, as an alternative to "Inktober" in October I'm declaring "Fucktober." Your challenge is just to fuck.

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:blobCatPeek: psst hey

I wrote a book. It's a light-hearted, fast-paced fantasy about ... necromancers? *checks notes* Yep, that's it. Light-hearted necromancer story.

Also shapeshifters and sprawling necropolises and secret libraries!

It would be cool if you wanted to take a look. Or share this toot. Or both!

💀 👻 📚 ✨ 🖤

Info, Sample, & Buy Links:

:blobCatPeek: ok bye

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i do want elon to put a microchip in his brain so we can mind control him like a carrier pigeon

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Millennials be like “oh god I’m so useless, anyway here’s a whole-ass blanket I knitted”

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a mental health resource: humans tend to feel better when they are in very close proximity to their friends frequently and especially when they exchange aerosols in enclosed spaces for sustained periods together! give it a go

me: [stares in 2020]

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people who say indie games are just platformers about depression are showing their age, nowadays they are roguelites about depression

Do I want to jump into Swordtember for Sept. 1 with no prep? It has the advantage of its creator not being a giant ass.

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some inktober alternatives just off the top of my head, if u want any ideas for a different theme:

- witchtober
- drawtober
- pinktober
- batober
- spocktober
- mugtober

it’s fun to do monthly challenges! make up your own! do whatever u want! 🖤

Taking bets: Are Jake Parker and his publisher just gonna pretend the plagiarism accusations didn't happen?

I only just caught on to the unusual amount of Polish-Soviet War film/TV coming out of Poland in the last few years.

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So years ago, I had a book get picked up by two small presses in a row that both folded before the book came out. It's only now that I'm maaaaybe thinking of maybe self-publishing it and dispelling the curse. And that's only because I see people selling books on, where it seems it might have a little more visibility?

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I am alive.
A quick landscape.

Avevo la febbra 2 (3?), niente covid.

It's also super easy to convert materials from other game systems for use in Risus.

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Been running an RPG in Risus and it's such a versatile little game system. Making characters is just so appealing and elegant compared to what most RPGs throw at you.

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