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First post. Krita and MyPaint user who wants to make beautiful things. Desperately trying to improve. Here's a piece from 2018, "Approaching Destiny."

Traditional palette exercise. Delicate high key. No line drawing/sketch or reference.

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Anyone who owns an RV is a boomer, regardless of age.

Those last two paintings killed my art vibe. I can't draw shit right now.

The Tower. First time direct painting without doing a line drawing first.

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i'm not the type to get super angry but as an adult nothing sets me off more than losing a sock in the laundry, especially if it's a good sock

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i think that the humanities are a bunch of BS and we can just use rational science logic to solve all our problems. anyway i'm off to reinvent an idea that failed spectacularly 150 years ago that i could have learned about in a history book.

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i love how whenever eugen posts about his dreams or goals for mastodon a bunch of people swoop in to be critical of it being possible without monetization

is it really so hard to imagine a space on the internet that isn't trying to datamine you and cram ads down your throat?

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"how can creatives make money without ad revenue?"

uhhh binch, creatives on twitter, facebook and instagram aren't getting cuts of ad money. we have to hustle and sell our own shit and services to make money idk where you're getting that shit

not everyone is a youtube or twitch partner. most of us aren't. ads don't serve us.

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Your worth is not defined by your relationship status.

I was planning to do a ChiZine review series but 2 books in and now there are numerous reports of the owners being awful to staff & writers. So maybe not.

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People who still obsess over firm handshakes need to grow up and move on.

It sure feels like Inktober art-ed me out.

Maybe I'll finally finish writing this next Risus adventure for my RP group.

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people who try to do creative work while doing a full-time job at the same time are more powerful than the US Marines

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