i beat cult of the lamb 🙌 it was really fun, if still a little bit clonky even after the switch update. i definitely want to play it again at a harder difficulty sometime in the future.

(anyway, back to slay the spire)

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cult of the lamb update for switch is out now 🙌🙌🙌 glad i didnt have to wait long!!

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was really enjoying Cult of the Lamb but i gotta put it down until there's an update bc the bugs are making it impossible to finish dungeons/quests 😔

art block 😒 not so much that i cant think of what to make, more so that i cant get passed thinking "if it's not useful then it's pointless clutter."

little leftover wool scraps were used to make cat toys. there was also a tomato but it's already lost somewhere probably under the couch.

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thats it thats the end of my needle felting experiments for now as i finished all the wool roving that came with the beginners kit i got.

i had fun and learned a lot. in the future maybe i'll try to make a blanket or quilt with a bunch of needlefelted doodles on it.

i also became really fond of those little treasure chest houses and might consider making more. i'm so over pins oh my god.

i had some leftover felt and made another house and a little cactus and turned them into magnets. the skull guy is an old project.

i also needle felted a design onto an old sweatshirt based on of my cats. ran out of felt before i could add my other cat :(

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i came to some type of solution about the felted pins, which was to make them small/compact and to kind of embed the pins into the back.

they sit much more securely than the previous ones even though they're quite thick. because the pin is embedded, they sit flush against the bag and so i'm not as worried about them snagging on something

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I really hate the word "deserve" and its concept.

It's way too linked to meritocracy and productivity under capitalism.

You shouldn't have to deserve love, respect, housing, food, healthcare and all your basic rights.

It should be unconditional.

started playing Slay the Spire bc it was on sale and i'm not very good so far!!

even more needle felting tests. messing around w blending (?) and using felt sheets as the base and seeing how they'd fair as pins.

had to make the twitter app timer even shorter. begging myself to remember that scrolling thru bad take after bad take isnt helping anyone and is actually just sending me into a hopeless spiral 💀

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