martin do u know what the year 2021 is like martin there's so much to unpack here my friend i know u spent your whole life studying learned helplessness but what about capitalism martin

u know when you're driving on the highway and u see a car in the rearview mirror weaving in and out of lanes and driving twice as fast as everyone else so you stay where u are and maintain a steady speed leaving plenty of room between u and the cars in front of and behind u and the fast car zooms past weaving around you and u think "i bet the person driving that car has to take a massive shit like immediately"

THAT... but on twitter.

i promised myself that if i survived this semester i would reward myself by cutting off all my hair and returning to my true form.

if i say nothing about drawing two days in a row then there will be no pressure to keep it going

drarwing something based on that thing where you search your name + clothing tops/pants/shoes/accessories

i keep forgetting that i have this art account. even worse is that i do have some art to show you.

one of my projects for archives class has been to remix one or more public domain documents from a digital archive. i chose to make tattoo designs from combining some old illustrations.

i only remember briefly perusing elfwood as a kid but paging @magpietongue @Prawnlegs @LaureltheRadish might be a fun fact for y’all and other artists

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yesterday i learned that the US Library of Congress has officially made Elfwood part of its digital archive of culturally important websites

very weird that i’m so hyped to be at work 😱

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Behaviors common among cats and ghosts

1. Shrieking in the middle of the night
2. Knocking things off of shelves
3. Jumping out at you unexpectedly
4. Sitting on your chest while you sleep and breathing on your face
5. Stealing your important trinkets

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Hey, me and Kiku Hughes have made our pacrim zine from last year available as a pay-what-you-want pdf! Enjoy, dudes. ✨🦎🤖

man i really wanna do a bob ross style painting of greenpath from hollow knight

i haven’t drawn anything since way before school started and i am beginning to feel my life force ~draining away~

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sometimes u just gotta draw the same OC over and over again bc of how much u love him
and that's ok

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start off the new year right: follow the moon. become a wolf. cover yourself in blood. get really fuckin big and go really far away

i definitely prefer clip studio paint to photoshop oh my god

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