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Redoing my post because I'm a doof and put typos in TAGS. 😶

I'm Oly, a artist and and your friendly neighbourhood nutter. I do both and and just dabble in things. I'm into and and I'm (slowly) working on a webcomic about and (and everything in between, really).

When not drawing, I like playing video games and hanging with my mischief of six (and yes, a mischief is a perfect collective noun for a group of rats).

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man goes to doctor says he's depressed. says world seems cruel and meaningless. doctors says solution simple. great [black hole] in town. go see. but doctor, man says "i am black hole" doctor instantly accelerated to percentage of speed of light in accretion disk, is simultaneously dead and alive, stretched across spacetime.

good joke. everybody laugh. roll on snare drum. curtain. audience sucked into black hole

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You ever hate a video game so much, you want to yell about it from the rooftops? That would be a waste of time, so here I am yelling about a Black Dram update instead :D

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The dragon roared, spitting rings of fire, scales shimmering vibrant warning colors.

Undeterred, the tiny princess strode forward, dark tight curls bouncing about her head.

The dragon snapped at her.

"Enough!" she commanded.

The dragon's growls softened to a whine.

"Be nice to the healer and take your medicine."

The dragon complied dourly.

"Good, now we can go walkies."

The dragon perked up and followed after the princess gleefully.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

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🤤 is too dignified, right, right?

CC by-sa 4.0. Svg, a zombie versionand a pink lewd (?) one in the attachment of this public patreon post:

And if you are drowning in money:

So I scanned my sketchbooks yesterday and this means I'm back (hi all! missed ya!) but before we get to our regularly scheduled art here's why I was away, I guess. Also 2018 was a hellhole as a whole.

Sorry for the unreadable text, I do that sometimes.

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An interior for the house :D
I should probably animate it, but I need a break from staring at this thing.

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Another WIP of the hut interior! Had lots of distractions today, didn't finish ;-;
Fire and bed are untouched from the sketch, and I still need to add shelves and clutter.

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Walk through the wood.
I hate drawing trees, why am I drawing trees?

Made with , colour correction in .

It's so merpeople are happening! Actually probably the first merpeople I ever drew. The two towards the top are siblings, the jerk with the phone reception is @eishiya's Alain from ...well, this one is a Mer-Alain, anyway. :D

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My Black Dram updated~

I spent last week playing Digital Devil Saga, and I just want to get back to it. I've got optional bosses to defeat :<

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Spent today adding animated tiles to my engine. I'm not confident that I implemented them in the most performant way, but it's the only relatively headache-free way I could think of.

...I didn't expect to implement animated tiles so I never drew any, hence the... this.

This toot has been brought to you by insomnia and the far side of town. I'll be back with art soon!

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Large BBC sound effects library is now available for free download for personal, educational, research & non-commercial use

There are about 16,000 clips

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