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Redoing my post because I'm a doof and put typos in TAGS. 😶

I'm Oly, a artist and and your friendly neighbourhood nutter. I do both and and just dabble in things. I'm into and and I'm (slowly) working on a webcomic about and (and everything in between, really).

When not drawing, I like playing video games and hanging with my mischief of six (and yes, a mischief is a perfect collective noun for a group of rats).

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An interior for the house :D
I should probably animate it, but I need a break from staring at this thing.

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Another WIP of the hut interior! Had lots of distractions today, didn't finish ;-;
Fire and bed are untouched from the sketch, and I still need to add shelves and clutter.

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Walk through the wood.
I hate drawing trees, why am I drawing trees?

Made with , colour correction in .

It's so merpeople are happening! Actually probably the first merpeople I ever drew. The two towards the top are siblings, the jerk with the phone reception is @eishiya's Alain from ...well, this one is a Mer-Alain, anyway. :D

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My Black Dram updated~

I spent last week playing Digital Devil Saga, and I just want to get back to it. I've got optional bosses to defeat :<

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Spent today adding animated tiles to my engine. I'm not confident that I implemented them in the most performant way, but it's the only relatively headache-free way I could think of.

...I didn't expect to implement animated tiles so I never drew any, hence the... this.

This toot has been brought to you by insomnia and the far side of town. I'll be back with art soon!

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Large BBC sound effects library is now available for free download for personal, educational, research & non-commercial use

There are about 16,000 clips

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Updated my ! Almost forgot to upload the page, but @Glueblade reminded me :'D

March hasn't been a good month but I did wrap up a big freelance project and uh, here's a doodle and some work in progress. Look at that good boy I coloured already.

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Whoo, finished another chapter of my :D!

Time for a break, maybe during it I can make something worth posting here that isn't comic updates >Д>;

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Finished two old-ish sketchbooks this week! I should scan some of the unscanned stuff eventually...

An accomplishment or what? I now have only two unfinished sketchbooks left, makes me feel more organized. I used to feel really self-conscious and confused about sketchbooks and by now I realised I like them as these smaller solid chunks of time and space filled with doodles so I don't want to have too many going at the same time.

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