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I also create an ongoing romance/drama webcomic called Alone:

|| " Told through a series of vignettes, Alone depicts the budding relationship between a quiet widower and a former musician as they both attempt to reconcile with their pasts." ||

You can read ahead/support by joining me on patreon~

mastodon.art/media/4k2dx0pu9Op mastodon.art/media/EooU5C6oQup mastodon.art/media/2OPpv5NuVji

@oliveoilcorp from what snippets of your work i've seen, it seems like there's a lot of poc representation in ur art and that's!! really!!! cool!!

@blackmagic oh thanks!!! yeah i'm a bi black lady so i try to draw as many cool queer black/brown people as i can, haha

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