idk yet
in october is ghiblitober.

i could go back to doodlewash or DoodleADay (from ellolovey) for september.
or take a break...

do you have recommendations?

@okaylol Ghiblitober sounds amazing, because ghibli is really well drawn, but because of this it might be really hard.

Where do you get the monthly themes from? And is it a daily challenge?

Don't do a break... every time I do a break (with anything), I have a really hard time to start again.


instagram.com/pencilandpigment this account collects insta challenges and i search through them.

and yeah, same with the hard to restart, but also i've done daily something for a year and a break would be nice ig? 😅

@okaylol I recommend to fail-safe the process.

What I mean by that is, to motivate/force yourself to come back on track.

What works for me is a "penalty", like donating €10 to charity for every day I don't start (it's often planting trees).

And everything is documented in a contract: How long the break is, the date to start again, the "penalty". And it's really important to sign it (if I sign something, I take it serious).

but for motivation there will be ghiblitober :>

and i don't work well with bribes, deadlines, or contracts. :/

@okaylol Yeah, Ghibli is a really good motivation.

What are the things you work well with? Just curious, because I am the complete opposite. I am really well organized, I need my todo list, deadlines, contracts and "bribes". Bribes sound really hard, but it works :D

And I am really sad if I don't reach the stuff I planed in a day...


i just have a timetable, like work, show up at 8 and be done by 16.30. or saturday is cleaning day, monday is trash out day, and so on.

also a list with todos but those are more suggestions. and if i intended to do 4 tasks and at the end of the day i've only done 2 that's ok. the list will exist tomorrow. i keep outside deadlines, but internal... there are no consequences.

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