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Hey ! I'm new to Mastodon and I'm really happy to be a part of the art instance here. I can't wait to share my art with you all. I'm an aspiring illustrator that focuses mostly on surreal and fantasy art.

Froggy prince is soon on his way to a mastodon instance near you

he's kermit's great great great great great great grandfather

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my friend told me that my frog prince gives her big bard vibes so i guess he's a wandering prince of bards...that is also a frog. or a princely bard turned into a frog? who knows. i can see him playing the banjo.

Finished this painting a month or so back, held off on uploading because I wanted to get some other things done related to it first before I went and showed it off.

This mostly came up as a desire to make something refined featuring Sahiim again, and to do some more complete stuff in Clip Studio again.

i rlly want to finish my frog prince painting but every time i do i waste time bc i keep staring into his eyes. they're so real and seem so kind.

body horror? she's an alien 

in other news i found screenshots i had taken of my spore-made space wife. she's a scientist : - )

UGH now i want to draw all my spore captains having fun together but i don't have images of all of them and i can't access them bc SPORE FUCKING DIED ON ME. i remember one of them was this reptilian scientist lady and she was DEFINITELY a butch lesbian just saying. i also had a lot of....bird people. and one dragon-like race that were a bunch of space knights.

not only that but i miss all of my little spore aliens (all of mine had reached the space stage and i have a few captains whom I'd given backstories) and the adventures i had made on there and shared with other spore users

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depression mention 

yknow i really do miss Spore. it just....crashed on my PC and each time i try to reinstall it, it stays the same. i bought it thru origin which probably wasnt the best idea : - / what's worse is that i had all the expansion packs. i still get them when i reinstall, i just can't see the damn game. sucks bc spore was both a creative outlet for me and a coping mechanism (i know that sounds dumb but i was going through a big bout of depression when i played it the most)

another quick commissioned piece, basically extra art for an adopt i sold. really loved trying a different expression like this!

god went for a drive and left the oven on and now look at us

Elf on the shelf, but it's some six foot tall gorgeous fantasy elf instead of some tiny fantasy snitch.

Encore les fleurs Γ  faire autour mais j'ai fini le texte :)

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