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does anyone here play....... monster hunter world on pc bc i need friends

One of last year's calendar pieces :) I usually have one piece with a dragon! Last year's theme was "collecting".

how does one get into the business of adoptable because I love designing creatures but then i never do stuff with them or use them for anything

ah its so nice to post here because i got lots of finished stuff to share :') This one is called after a character in an old tale, "Condwiramurs", who was not in fact a dragon, but it sounds like a dragons name, dont you think? :)

kobayashi's dragon maid is an excellent anime 200000/10 would recommend


sorry im going through OLD ART

i cant believe i forgot to share This here
my first fan art
it cracks me up every time

does anyone here play....... monster hunter world on pc bc i need friends

Donu't expect this take so much time, but the Donuts Vending Machine is finally here spreading round happiness

Hiyo. I'm Joju and I draw mostly anime. I'm an illustrator and working to be an animator also. I love drawing my children and my friends' children too ofc. I also like pokemon, white haired characters, and cats. Would rather stay at home than go out. Also I'm terrible with communication, sorry. 😭My commissions are semi-open and info is on my profile.

Hello! I'm Mou, humble hobby artist from Australia! Here are some of my most recent doobles ♡

I mostly draw my own characters, and usually it's very sketchy dlkfj

I'm a big supporter wlw and most of my characters reflect that!

:boost: Boosts are super appreciated!

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