Hi beautiful people!
Does any one has experience selling art/design online? Have you tried stock image markets or any other online website like etsy or zazzle?

@Helsic online websites like redbubble and zazzle are very crowded and hard to stand out. they're great if you have fandom related merch ideas (like Nintendo mash ups, star trek jokes) or if you can appeal to a big niche like people who like cats or dragons, queer flags, etc. otherwise original art gets like, no hits unless you have a huge existing following on social media sites

@oceana1009 Yeah, that's what I noticed too. It's hard to get original designs/art noticed in an ocean of fanarts. Growing a fanbase is really difficult nowadays, there are too many good artists already established in many social media platforms.


@Helsic I just found out about this higher profit method of running artist stores, I posted it on bird site here twitter.com/oceana1009/status/

@oceana1009 I've been looking for something just like this, because I'd heard about the big chunks RedBubble and the others take outta da profits!

@AesAthena yeah and it's so hard to sell anything in the first place and so demoralizing when you sell a 30 dollars shirt and make like 3 dollars. occasionally I hear about an artist who can sell thousands of products a month this way and thus actually profit, but that seems pretty much the exception rather than the norm

@oceana1009 thanks for sharing!!! actually I live in China so I don't have access to twitter v_v

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