I keep being too overwhelmed to do the undone tasks that would help me be less overwhelmed, so I guess I'll just be stuck like this forever :/

What's it like to have energy to do anything I've forgotten

I got a new iPad and was too tired and overwhelmed to look up my mastodon password to login for two months I guess oops

I wish I wasn't perpetually behind on everything, and that I had less obligations, or at least, that I had more energy, but what can I do except work with what I got, and at a pace that snails would approve of

I'm so behind on these little illustrations, I'm still going to draw them all anyway, even if it takes me all of November and December 🙃

First assignment for Yuko shimizu's drawing class on skillshare is to draw an edges and lines only picture of your own hand in ink, this class so far is so free of bullshit and I love it

Brie Code's "Videogames Are Boring" is the best game design article I've read in the last 2 years.


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I still have a huge amount of problems but at least the second air filter arrived and my lungs are ok again. I'm so behind on everything but trying not to panic about it, being real anxious doesn't help things get done

there are just some really nice art-loving people here on Mastodon. It feels so encouraging in this space and makes me want to continue making art. thanks everyone 🙏

I had a bad day today but I'm over it! tomorrow is going to be better (because 2nd air filter arrives then and then I'll still have all these problems but without the part where I'm So fatigued and Sad)

Finished this commission for a friend, three sleepy cats in a outline brush style for a small arm tattoo ^_^ I wish they were real so I could pet their little cat heads

I finished this yesterday and forgot to post it, added a bit more *something* and now it is done enough

anyway I'm finally seeing my psych to get more vyvanse, and it would be great if I could just focus for even a quarter of the day. Had to stop going because the car problems set off my asthma, I can't even remember how many months it's been that I've been off my ADHD meds ?

sleeping all day sometimes is good for my body but not so good for my stress levels where the more undone tasks pile up the worse I feel!

started this yesterday and inked it today, it's my cat being adorable, with her little foot in the air

while I left to brush my teeth, my own wife stole my blanket in her sleep D: I know she must be very cold, but now I have no blanket and stealing it back seems very rude.. but I am cold now too..

working a little on a commission for a friend today, and very :3 about how it is going

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