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Heather Lindsaychen @oceana1009@mastodon.art

I really like how lost you can get in a piece while you make it. especially when you're working hard to improve it draft after draft. you just stop existing for a little while, and there's nothing around but you and your piece.

I love how you can make art and it just like, exists, and it's in the world and people can continue to experience it and it's just like, divided from time and it's not an event or a conversation or something you have to be afraid you're missing out on

Leah's podcast talesofinsecurity.com/ is starting up again soon so I made a header for her website. I wanted it to be very simple but it ended up with more detail than it needed probably. The logo is a snail, so here the snail has the curious predicament of hatching in a bird's nest !

I started on the illustrator factory print file for the first pin design, vectors are so different than pixels and I can't sketch freely in illustrator for shit. When I really want to change stuff I have to load it in Photoshop then pull it back into illustrator. I'll going to start my T-shirt/ poster design in illustrator any day now, when I have brain

I had such a variety of bad dreams last night, gotta shake off this caught in a web feeling

Fish painting in Photoshop from March that I finished today, about 4 hours total. Just a painting to try not stressing about painting techniques, just get the shape and color right and everything looks so much more detailed than it really is, maybe

@oceana1009 so tired today but I refined two designs a little and started thinking about colors (screenshot of multiple screenshots arranged in Google photos)

@Helsic I just found out about this higher profit method of running artist stores, I posted it on bird site here twitter.com/oceana1009/status/

I haven't used Adobe illustrator in forever, so the next step is to fiddle with shape placement, color scheme and line width, maybe add small details if size supports it. I've never designed a pin before ๐Ÿ˜ต

I felt like not bad today?? So I spent all day thinking about enamel pin designs and looking at other peoples pins while drawing these. Some people on bird site really liked them? I'm still not 100% sure on actual design specs for pins yet

being self indulgent for a sec

(reads: Game idea: you are a stone. sit still to collect moss)

I did a painting today with no prep work, no pre-planning, no pressure, and tried to let the painting look however it wanted to look and this was the result. Two dolphins jumping out of a big surfing wave. 2 hours. it has a mood to it.

๐ŸŒˆ Hoping your week is off to a good start! ๐Ÿ’–
I'm offering $500 mini grants to queer folks to be used toward projects/life/whatever. Application open through the end of the month.

@oceana1009 here it is, the little bird business card design I made for my sweetie. Leah wanted a bird holding a pen, because then it's like the bird is the writer. it's so cute. She liked it a ton, too ๐Ÿ˜‡

my sweetie loves my business card design so I'm working on a design for her and it looks really nice so far. post tomorrow. maybe other people will want business cards too :3 haha

@oceana1009 I finished adding all my recent work. After some thought I decided to make a different portfolio site for old work, which I still like, it's just very different stuff. Still need to write captions describing each illustration but I've got a headache, so it's break time. behance.net/hmchen

Backed up all my old art on Behance, clearing it out for my recent work. There's just a few things up there now but there's more coming soon, as soon as I sort through all my old hard drives ๐Ÿ˜ต

Some making of, progress shots added too behance.net/hmchen I'll go back and add the words later. I hope I can finish this tomorrow,,

I did this painting today from the sketch I did yesterday. It has the ocean in it, surprisingly

organizing old files and found this old art from 2014 I still quite like. marker on printer paper