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@oceana1009 I made this simple orange version after I made the colorful version and realized that these business cards can't be too detailed or it looks like a small mess. Have you seen a business card they are super small (subtoot at myself)

it's my birthday today! Happy birthday to me. I'm 33 which feels too dang old and still young at the same time. It's also my twins birthday, we already said happy birthday to each other lol

I spent a long time on the fish side of the business card and it looked ok but I'm still not quite happy with it yet. Here's the start of another fish painting I sketched out today though (from video reference of watching goldfish swim around). I think it will look cool

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I made a really tasty, fast tacos in the instant pot for dinner. Leah had a migraine so we didn't go to the friends game night, but it's OK, there'll be more game nights. Instead we had a nice evening just talking and listening to the huge rainstorm outside

Monday is my rest day usually but I did a little painting anyway. Though I fell asleep most of the day. Tomorrow Leah and I are going to visit friends, so I'm not going to get any painting done tomorrow. I'm not used to having much in the way of irl friends but it's pretty nice, dang

Here is the back of my two sided business card I'm designing. I roughed out a sketch of the squid yesterday and today I painted it in PS. I haven't painted any squid in a while, ah squids are so good though. I think these cards are going to be nice

Here's June playing in the box her scratching pad came in. Cautiously investigating this packing paper :3

What's it like to not live in an ongoing, indefinitely never-ending Situation? My rheum Dr still doesn't want to make decisions about my care, I just get passed around from Dr to Dr. it's exhausting and I'm just tired of it.

I'm working on business cards. They'll have a fish on the front and a squid on the back. As my sweetie says, it shows I'm all about pretty animals AND cool animals. the sketch looks good so hopefully the final will too

But A.'s school admin is creating a supportive workplace, and everything will probably be fine. it's great there's so many trans support groups around here. They both had a hard time trying to decide when to tell their kids, but the kids adjusted right away to having two moms instead of one. A's family all accept her, no one has said anything mean. This kind of situation makes me feel really hopeful for the future

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Whew being social is exhausting, Leah and I went to have dinner at her high school friend's house. A. made some tasty homemade biscuits for us. G. is an eye doctor in the government. They acted like we were all old friends even though Leah hadn't seen either of them in ages.

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I started working on a new thing I might post a pic tomorrow. Just need to let it sit until I double check if it's actually good or is it secretly terrible (new art style -- I'm pretty sure art being secretly terrible isn't a thing)

Then I managed to zone out the rest of the day and do nothing. But I'm pretty sure that's how the art process works, now. A whole lot of nothing in between the not-nothing

@oceana1009 I finished the tail last night and then added the second fish in today! it's nice when a painting works out without any unplanned detours. I'm really happy with this piece right now ^^

I slept for 11 hours then felt refreshed and had a good work day! That basically never happens so I guess the latest health changes are working out. Almost makes me feel hopeful for the future. I've spent enough time for a lifetime being really ill. I forgot to post the screenshots of my work though. tomorrow then,,

I'm working on a photo retouching thing and I daresay I'm quite good at it?? I wonder if this is something I could do to get a little money. I'm so tired of having no money. Unless fish prints become really hot or something

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June from earlier sleeping on a towel and pillow, just being a snuggly little kitty