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And here's the story I work on atm. Well, try to work. I keep loosing my motivation in process but I'll hate myself if I'll drop it. Maybe I'll even finish it before it's too late.

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Monthly chibi from December since it seems I somehow forgot to post it here. 🤔

I suddenly found out I have Threadless account. For quite a bit, mere 7 years lol. And they have some interesting challenges that I may participate in occasionally, for practice and fun. Is there point of posting it in shop I wonder.

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Two more from @obuza_ba, this time it's Penelope and Eve, who run the underground railroad with Lucky. SPOILER ALERT: they are a really sweet couple 👩‍❤️‍👩

Strongly recommend commissioning @obuza_ba , she is great to work with! ✨

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I have commissioned the extremely talented @obuza_ba to illustrate a story I wrote about an Android named Lucky 24. The first concept drawings are trickling in, and I must say that I am impressed and extremely happy with her work. Thanks @obuza_ba you're rad! ✌🏻

Finished old sketch. Well, wouldn’t call it exactly finished but this will do. 🤔

Schooler (for godville wiki).
Balloons on back say smth like:
- Bun, homework!
- Bun, don't forget to clean your room!


I drew a picture. 💪

Which is technically The VVitch fanart though I added a tiny bit from myself.

500 characters is still so few when you actually need to write something. :\ Had no room left for tags so I guess if someone notice my last toot - good for them. 👌

- Right. Instead of pitying yourself and throwing things at walls you could check how many invisible creatures are living nearby. How many of them can read memories of person and place and to take form of this memory.
- They can do it?!
- How many people weren’t “helped” and disappeared for good here because they also saw something familiar.
- Oh… Oh.

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- Them? What? There’s just one more soul here, wh… Saints. Don’t take her, please! She’s protector of this house! She helped so many generations living here.
- You are dead for how long already and still believe in this? Dead can’t help.
- But I saw her! When I was a child…
Ijerena sighed heavily.

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- What… what’s going on? It’s suddenly so cold. I see nothing but I feel dread… Do you see anything?

…Well. I do remember I wanted to talk more about my stories but I also want some things to be a surprise when it comes to reading finished thing. 😶 This drawing itself isn’t spoiler, stuff can/will happen years after main story. But I’m less sure about explaining details.

I hope you remember Ijerena, it’s him inside. He agreed to help a bit. It’s owner of the house outside, wondering. (:

This year feels really disappointing. Not sure if biggest pain is too few works or that almost all of them I really want to re-do or to re-color. I know being displeased by own art is sign of growing but it’s taking way too long to figure new way to do things.

2018 felt better. Did it? It feels better now. 🤨 Not like I knew better where I go to but current place on that way seemed… better. Should I take example or should I try bit more before giving up.

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