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And here's the story I work on atm. Well, try to work. I keep loosing my motivation in process but I'll hate myself if I'll drop it. Maybe I'll even finish it before it's too late.

Finished some pages at last. Time for quick flashback.
It pains me how long they take.

Here are couple comments.
It wasn't first time shades manifested but first one he remembers.
He wasn't upset about anything important.
Mar isn't big sleeper, too. Theory goes the Shadow restores energy somehow.
Kosh is very light!

It was an answer for some twitter thread asking what from childhood hooked you into fantasy. And I don't have any specific titles. What hooked me is my mom reading herself and buying a lot of books. then I just couldn't stop.

And another quick doodle, now with my Godville hero being in awe.

More quick doodles. Kinda my fav npcs. Although I totally messed up with proportions and I really need my ctrl+Z.

Some super quick practice with my ESO characters. Ignore how first two blend into each other, I messed up with fixative. :')

There totally was a moment when I hated it but spent too much time to just abandon. Welp.

It started with some vague MagicMeatMarch related idea, continued with "oh, I want to draw a demon, like, Tari maybe" and then this happened. 🌚

Made few portraits for Something Classic studio ( not so long ago. It’s characters for their upcoming game which is some gameboy style RPG. 👾

(That said I’m pretty open for commissions atm.)

For 💪

Truth is Mar doesn't actually wear this outfit without coat but there are exceptions I guess. Also I need to design summer outfit first but I imagine it'd be something less suggestive. 🙃

New friend.

Her name’s Namira and her favorite snack is nixads.

Sanguine (Marak’s horse) and Dorveir (his human friend) are jealous but they will survive.

Another sketch for r/drawme, they asked for anime villain and I wanted to try it.

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