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And here's the story I work on atm. Well, try to work. I keep loosing my motivation in process but I'll hate myself if I'll drop it. Maybe I'll even finish it before it's too late.

Quick sketch of my vampires.

Resonance is a ritual of blood magic that is used for different things, including exchanging thoughts and feelings, including to amplify romantic feelings. ✨

Last of my , as well as and .
This is Nari, full Nari-de-jeda, she's wild witch - as in uses wild magic; and she's one of those characters I'd like to write a story about one day.

I wanted to do proper concept sheet with vampires skulls but I don't have patience for this. 🙃 I have patience for quick sketch of Dima though.

He drinks milkshake btw, vampires [in this story of mine] can drink small amounts of liquids.

So, my part of art trade with @airqloo from twitter.
His lovely OC.

Quickish sketch of my Vestige.

I wanted to draw similar image for ages - with Dovahkiin. And while Skyrim's time passed idea grew some roots in my head. I still want to draw it digitally too, maybe I will one day.

I said I finally came up with funny joke? I lied.

Also here's altmer I mentioned before. Their birth name is Leka but only Orghat and their parents are allowed to call them that, for the rest they use the same name as their twin - Lena. Was a pirate, is a land bandit now.

Made a character for that 'make a hot vampire' challenge. Changed couple of things. Also a thing that was requested and is actually there is tattoo - she has this moons symbol on her back. Also her name's going to be Leda and I'll keep her for that vamp project of mine I guess.

...Well, it looked more fun in my head. And like way less of work.

There's small story behind this if you wonder. Crab belongs to ex-pirate altmer who's also my character and who was just visiting in search for help with some not too legal work. And crab had found some dead flesh in backroom so was about to feast when got caught. Thankfully owner noticed its absence before it was made into dish itself.

My still nameles witcher.
What kind of name I should give him? As far as I could notice all book names are generic fantasy names, not really anything specifically slavic or whatever. 🤔
One thing I've decided is that he's from Skellige.

So, fun fact, it started as totally random scene, just practice piece, and then I came up with that hand and it clicked. So now it's super important plot point and very important hand.
I still don't know what main plot is about.

This is Dima around 80s probably. 🧛‍♀️

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