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And here's the story I work on atm. Well, try to work. I keep loosing my motivation in process but I'll hate myself if I'll drop it. Maybe I'll even finish it before it's too late.

Mild gore and death 

Something something about personal dread.

Also cw: SWL spoilers
No dead children ghosts will overcome a horror of being powerless and dead.

I'm still thinking about good place for her but she came to me as Marimir's friend (and Leto's acquaintance) and who am I to refuse.

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Few quick thoughts.
I'm super sad I have no time to make new textures but then who'll notice...
So, Marimir actually changes hair color often but it's usually shades of pink. Comics gotta be bw but just so you know.

Important things.

OK fun story, it was supposed to be super quick sketchy practice piece with bit of style test, and then I ended with 2 weeks of just thinking about how I want to see it.

Good thing also used this time to come up with names and legal professions for both. So, 1 - Marimir, shadow magic, private detective... ish? He gathers and collects info, but no, not technically a spy. Only private clients. 2 - Leto, necromancy, monster hunter. 🐙

Family portrait.
My oldest characters.

(secondary name “f*ck perspective”)

Here's results of some boredom and tiredness.

1-2: These are new folks I hadn't come up with names for yet. I'm not quite sure if they will survive longer than just few sketches and random scenes born and died in my mind. One is shadow mage, other is necromancer.

3: Horsey. Supposedly one of spirits from my Forest Children. Guess you can say it's kelpie.

4: Also some random coziness with K and Varrog.

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Work week 📑

used only the colours in the wc palette as a test/experiment, which was p fun

There’s flashmob on twitter about drawing people from The Commonwealth of Independent States (which is SNG in Russian) as ATLA benders. This is my 5 cents on kamchadals. :>

> Are you still there?

And 10 min later
> I had things to do.

I couldn’t find proper ref for this so I tried CSP’s 3D and it’s weird experience because… their anatomy… isn’t how I usually draw people… 😅 I tried my best to add my usual mistakes though.

I think I need to copy-paste what I wrote on twitter.

It bothers me for quite a bit now and I lowkey feel people are just too shy to say anything. Can you please, please tell me if I say something that you find offensive?
I just realized group I used to read about matter died few years ago and since then I hadn't find anything that would lead me in right direction. And I'm not your sensitivity example by default.
(i'll also be thankful for grammar checks)

Kieran with pets, super quick.

Do you remember my Bhaal's spawn? Pepperidge fa- err. 🤔 I don't have time to play but I have a minute to draw him. 💜

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