Oh, introduction?

The Basics:
Well then, I'm O. Freelance fantasy/scifi artist, teacher, Twitch streamer and bald, sexy biker.

I work live on Twitch every weekend, and think it's exciting to find a new social media platform that seems to have a true focus on artists and art.

Something about me:
I can't burp, swim or take a good photo.

Where to find me:
Just search "oabnormal"! I'll be there.

AND.... I meant to say I work live on Twitch every weekDAY, not weekend.

Oh well... never a second chance to give a good first impression.

@oabnormal WELCOME O <3 glad to see you here as well >v< <3

#1 awesome stuff
#2 How do you find streaming? I've been thinking of getting into it...I just not sure If I could manage the 'persona' that I see a lot of streamers do. I'm fine with showing off my process, but dont expect me to perform (not sure If I'm rambling here)

Re-tooted talking with O on Twitch, trying to lure him back to Mastodon, which he thought was dead. :) @oabnormal

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