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I suppose some are in order!

I am @shizamura and I create the webcomic O Sarilho, which can be read for free at It's about future romans and aliens (it's not what you think). It is pretty neat, if you ask me!

Otherwise, I talk to computers and I live by the beach, in Portugal. And I think that's it.

Hopefully in this account I will be sharing art and comic updates, and use the other one for rambling ✨

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Twelve years ago today, I launched the very first page of Sombulus. Making this webcomic has been a part of my life for so long, and hearing how much people enjoy the sass, heart, magic and mystery I put into it makes me so grateful. Happy 12th birthday, Sombulus!

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Just in time to finish this week's challenge. Wide ratio is kind of challenging for me, and the restrictive palette is no joke either, but I think I pulled through.

The category for was Combat Vehicle, so I chose a Tachikoma (タチコマ), from Ghost in the Shell!

(More info:

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Rising Sand is a free-to-read fantasy adventure by @glitchritual and @y2jenn about finding family and peace of mind in a world about to be crushed by its own sun.

Rising Sand contains depictions of graphic violence and nonsexual nudity—please exercise discretion. 🍖🍑



Video Trailer:



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I think the artbook is finished. Now I only have to face my final boss... (lorebook)

Charm came out very well, so now I just have to get the artbook and lorebook ready and I'll be able to start ordering

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This webcomic editor has been tricky to build but seeing it finally working is such a joy (a work in progress)

I wish I could quit my day job and just make this into a usable tool for everyone. Perhaps someday.

#webcomic #dev #vuejs #animation #storyboard

the problem is not that they are monsters. the problem is that they aren't

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Late night super mushy fanart time. God, renew this show already so I can stop chewing my fingers off. #ofmd #ofmdfanart #ourflagmeansdeath

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second to last update of episode 9... bon fails to resist peer pressure


I didn't have to tag my other account on this but I guess I did now, live and learn

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@shizamura also very importantly, if you want a physical copy of this comic maybe consider backing my crowdfunding project which has 23 more hours to go on :artaww:

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