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semi-finalized character concepts for a magical girl webcomic I'm making! I don't have a release date yet, but it'll launch in either summer or fall of this year. 🤩

The pink mahou is my long time oc, Sunny! The purple mahou is Zinnia!

blue hair is the gay girl equivalent to peacock spreading its wings

something i started back in april and added some finishing touches to

i've finally been hit by the "violated community guidelines" notice on tungle dot hell....and *none* of them actually violate anything

i love how a majority of affectionate cat behavior translates to "you're my bitch now"

Redraw of something I made back in mid-2015. I have big plans for this gal so it's fitting I'd kick off the year with her :D.

my new years resolutions this year are:

✨put in some significant practice in stuff I'm bad at drawing (backgrounds, hAnDs, etc)

✨make at least one super self-indulgent piece solely for my enjoyment a month

✨eat enough honey to start the mellification process 🍯

ah yes, there it is....that new years hangover 🤕

tumblr is such a garbage site it won't even let me upload art half the time lol

Holiday Drinking Game:

1.take a shot every time someone criticizes your life choices

2. that's it. that's enough to put me in the hospital with alcohol poisoning.

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