Hi everyone! I'm Nyra and I just heard about this site from my friend @sye 😊

I'm a freelance fantasy illustrator working in mostly tabletop and videogame companies! I'm also getting into gamedev myself under the name Goat Toaster Games.

I've recently started a digital art talk blog (DAT Blog, lol) where I discuss various topics and answer questions.

I'm from Australia and I like goats.


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@nyradrakae one of the things that i love most about your galleries is that they have such a strong animal and wilderness focus, and are often lit up in really surreal, fantastic ways

i can see why you're so popular with rpg and gaming companies

but it also lends a lot of color variety in your personal stuff that really helps complement the consistency of your designs

@infinity Oh wow!! Thankyou so much for the beautiful comment!! It's really made my day 😊

@nyradrakae @sye Aaaaahhh prettiesssss <3

Tag with #MastoArt and #CreativeToots to reach more eyeballs :D :D

@WelshPixie Thankyou for the warm welcome and the hashtag tips! :D

@shevek hahaha yes, though I do also have a cat. Thankyou!!

@nyradrakae @sye I really like the 2nd and the 4th pictures! Nice job! :fatyoshi:

@nyradrakae your work is really good, amazing stuff really.

Beautiful! Don't forget to add a Mastodon button on your blog πŸ˜‰

@nyradrakae @sye Welcome and good luck, I just started here a couple days ago and it's already been more enjoyable than that unspeakable bird place by a long shot. So far the best advice I have received is to search around for your interest and follow everybody that actively engages those interests. That's what got this thing from 0 to 60 for me.

@Halveric Thanks for the welcome and advice, Halveric! In just my first day with my first post, I have had much more interactivity on here than I have on the entirety of my Twitter art account. I can't believe it!

Usually new alternatives to popular social media sites get a bunch of hype but then die as everyone crawls back to the big websites, but this place seems to legit be active and growing! This is very exciting!! I definitely love this more than the blue bird already!!

@nyradrakae @sye You’re an amazingly-talented illustrator! I am also from Australia! I work on designing apps and love art, design, and creativity myself. ❀️

@heidi_helen @sye Thankyou so much, Heidi! G'day fellow Aussie! That's really awesome πŸ˜€ ❀️

Very awesome pieces of artwork. Love the color composition.

@nyradrakae your work is beautiful! Really great stuff πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

@nyradrakae @GDNet sometimes business accounts are cool. this is def one of those times

@funkeh @nyradrakae
Thank you! We try to keep a human touch, not spam too much, and only share things that will genuinely be helpful/interesting!

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