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Hi everyone! I'm Nyra and I just heard about this site from my friend @sye 😊

I'm a freelance fantasy illustrator working in mostly tabletop and videogame companies! I'm also getting into gamedev myself under the name Goat Toaster Games.

I've recently started a digital art talk blog (DAT Blog, lol) where I discuss various topics and answer questions.

I'm from Australia and I like goats.


Here's my first piece for Encounters with the Imaginary Vol.3, which is currently live on Kickstarter! Link below 😊

I should probably mention I'm an indie gamedev! I've done a couple of game jams and have some bigger games planned.

I did this zany little game called Cocaine McBain for a 72 hour jam. It's about a farm girl who needs to rush around to get all her farming done, so she has some cocaine haha.

I intend to make a full, family-friendly version called Caffeine McBean.

You can play the jam version here:

Here's another illustration I did for the tabletop RPG Misspent Youth, by Burning Wheel!

You can see @wilw play the game here: (I only just discovered you're on here, welcome to Mastodon, Wil!)

I think this one was my favourite, with cute little mutant rats fighting robots! ❀️

I just wanted to take a moment and thank those of you who reached out with #painting advice and suggestions. Your kindness was awesome, and you were genuinely helpful.

I'm still climbing the learning curve, but I did my 4th #BobRoss painting today, and I like more about it than I don't like.

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Something a bit different today!!

I did this painting for the RPG Misspent Youth by Burning Wheel.

You can even see Wil Wheaton play it here:

Currently on my plate:
- Several pixel art/animations for a game as well as future promo art planned
- 5 paintings and a short story for a kickstarter book
- Awaiting feedback to finish off a large difficult card illustration
- A very large private commission with 7 characters and a background
- Waiting to hear back from an author (who found me on Mastodon!!) for potentially 10 small illustrations in their book


I really hate when I'm very excited to play a game I just installed from Steam and then it crashes on launch and googling it shows me a bajillion other people have had this issue and it's real annoying to fix πŸ˜‘

This is a comic book cover for my friend Darren Close who makes the comic Killeroo! This was so fun.

Hi, I'm Jessica Cheng, a concept artist specialising in environments and am versatile with art styles. Find me at:


Email: chengelingart[at]gmail



RTs much appreciated!

This is a Chimera monster card I did for Alderac Entertainment last year! I had so much fun with it.

These are a couple of paintings I did last year for a book on kickstarter! Encounters with the Imaginary Vol.2 by Boneshaker Press.

We're going live on kickstarter on August 29th with Vol.3, so I'll be posting more about that later 😊

TFW you've spent like weeks trying to study so you can improve a painting, only for it to go ass backwards and somehow become a worse painting. Goddamnit.

I am still trying to figure this interface out but I love Mastadon so far. So cute and community-friendly. :B More of what I'm up to.

A sketchbook page! I really really want to just doodle tonight. Downside of impending illustration deadline.

A warm welcome to my friends who just joined!! ❀️ 😊 They're artists too, you should check them out!


Any Owlboy fans here?? I entered this piece into their fanart competition for the Nintendo Switch release, and won!! πŸ˜€

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