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been rewatching madoka magica with my sisters and honestly the witches in madoka still blow my freaking mind. IT'S HONESTLY SO GOOD it's so captivating and weird and tragic all at the same time?

every day i surprise myself with how much dull mundane adult shit i do now

i have a list A LIST of the bad dryers ive come across at the laundromat. 😣

i buy school supplies 4 birthday gifts for my kuya's kids 😣


somewhere in my heart is the late 2000s shoujo manga art style

sometimes i look at my writing folders and honest to god more than half is unrequited f/f drabbles.

i didnt even realize how much unrequited gal pal pinning i write on a day-to-day basis until i read them altogether.

ahh so this is the 2nd time ive done a tattoo design comission and it's for my lovely ate who's always pushed me to work my hardest!! i cant wait to see her this weekend so i can see the design in person ahhh...

i've been wanting to do an art project that's kind of like a pokedex, but for the creatures and people in my oc world. ah... alas... (and the idea might have spawned from BotW because damn i've been playing that in my spare time.)

also, for some reason a few months ago i sat down and made a slime guide for my oc world because who doesn't think about slime guides when they're bored right???

for some reason i always think my art isn't improving so i do redraws. they kinda help make me see that i'm getting better even though it doesn't feel like it.

illustrated blood, brain eating, zombies, depiction of death 

i only watched like 2 episodes but i'm HOOKED on izombie... liv is like my babe.

i drew human version of this oc too. she used to be a homestuck kid oc lmao. her name's ruth.

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spent the day properly doodling ocs and listening to nightvale (i really should remember to tag my art. whoops)

colored in some old doodles for practice! gosh this tablet is amazing.

btw if you're a very poor graphic artist like me, and you can't afford to buy fonts, then you should check out google fonts which as 100% free for commerical/ non-commercial use fonts. i recommend lobster, bree serif, poppins, and rokkitt

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