@rainfruit honestly!! It was amazing!! Had instructions, and links to tutorials and everything!

i think it was tiled? cant say. closed the door immediately after taking this aaaand never looked inside again.


i have no idea, but i get that feeling too when i see people's art haha. maybe it's the general vibe we have??

eventually her story will be known! till then, till then, here are doodles.

trying to get better at faces. i drew celebrities so i can see if people recognize anyone.

well, getting closer to what i see in my head. maybe one day i'll nail this drawing.


i'm really lazy so i tend to go for the basic longanisa and eggs. i havent made kinilaw, i'm extremely bad at anything seafood that isn't fried fish lol

@Iuckyduck honestly, yes. i've been making a lot of filipino comfort food lately. been really needing it 😭

really cute! i especially love the lace hat in the first character's design

a big part of why i make ocs is to just mash them together in an incomprehensible shipping chart.

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