sloppy lineart because i thought this lil sketch of my ocs was totally cute...

i drew human version of this oc too. she used to be a homestuck kid oc lmao. her name's ruth.

spent the day properly doodling ocs and listening to nightvale (i really should remember to tag my art. whoops)

colored in some old doodles for practice! gosh this tablet is amazing.

btw if you're a very poor graphic artist like me, and you can't afford to buy fonts, then you should check out google fonts which as 100% free for commerical/ non-commercial use fonts. i recommend lobster, bree serif, poppins, and rokkitt

here's a commission of sudrien's (@sudrien) space alien ocs. it took all of spring break but it was fun to do!

i'm going to be taking commissions next week during my spring break. if you wanna see my commission info it's over here:

oh shit !! paypal changed invoices! you can mark stuff as digital goods hell yeah

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