also I'm SO DONE. My art program crashed TWICE WHILE SAVING, so I just stopped and cooked lunch. 🤦‍♀️

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Periwinkles, Golden Trumpets, Gardenias, Ixoras. Stuff I could find in my grandmother's garden...

patterns i made for my internship. im going to use them to make holiday cards - but today is guam history day so 🙆‍♀️ time to celebrate

here's the sketches.

i'm trying to get better at drawing digitally and ngl zooming out and sketching for a bit kinda helps.

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a lot of my oc projects tend to become too ambitious to work on so hopefully a self-contained story with less than a handful of characters shouldn't be too overwhelming... right?

my sketchbook really isnt social media worthy tbh. but i figure that once in a while i should flip through it and find at least 2 things to post juuust to prove that im still alive and arting

art trade/christmas present for my little sister (whoops, here's a redraft uploaded the wrong one)

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