the steps look really convoluted in this timelapse, but ngl i prefer doing this method than actually linearting.

oh... the things i do to avoid doing line art...

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I've been meaning to post this:

The link directs to a timelapse video.

wip - first time using affinity photo for a proper drawing.

used the pen tool for all of this because idk i'm trying out a different process for making digital art.

my sister did my nails for me so i redrew the pattern she made

eventually her story will be known! till then, till then, here are doodles.

trying to get better at faces. i drew celebrities so i can see if people recognize anyone.

well, getting closer to what i see in my head. maybe one day i'll nail this drawing.

does anyone know if the art portion of newgrounds is worth looking into?

i'm looking for an art site to replace my deviantart mirror account - insta and twitter won't do since they're social media sites and not necessarily an art gallery site.

if anything i guess?? i'll try artstation?? but honestly i'd like a more casual art gallery place tbh...

new profile pic - based off something my niece and i drew together 😭

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