i didnt draw as much as i wanted this year but i managed to have something for each month!

sticker design for someone's instagram sweets business. changed the name because this is a christmas gift from the owner's mother and they dont know about this yet.

oh i skipped disgaea 1-5 to get to the trolls in disgaea 6

gamers, how's the xbox series s? i kinda want to play all the games from the last gen (xbox 1, ps4) so would this be a good option?

trying to get into the groove of making quicker art. here's some kuragehime fanart!

my brushes in affinity were kinda acting weird so i decided to finally do a fresh install to fix the problem.

my sister's a teacher for elementary kids and she wanted online stickers that would add to their graded assignments. im making her some halloween themed ones

sometimes a drawing just needs to be redone at a later time for it to be better

the steps look really convoluted in this timelapse, but ngl i prefer doing this method than actually linearting.

oh... the things i do to avoid doing line art...

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I've been meaning to post this:

The link directs to a timelapse video.


wip - first time using affinity photo for a proper drawing.

used the pen tool for all of this because idk i'm trying out a different process for making digital art.

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