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New comic! The cartography witch. 🦉

As before, post following with individual panels & image descriptions.

The only I did this month, but I’m happy with it ✨
Individual panels with captions to follow.

For some reason isn’t letting me post photos right now so I’ll post this here!
It was so much fun seeing my art framed and in a show tonight!! 😱🤩

A very personal work, given to a friend. Painted tuesday night from a photo taken on sunday, apologies for the crap lighting as it was the best I could get at the time.

The Wonderfully Queer World of Moomin: a comic about Tove Jansson and Moomin history.
:moomin_sparkles: :moomin_yes:

I tabled at a zinefest last weekend and had such a good time! 🤘 Small events, libraries, DIY spaces, are so wonderful. There’s a good energy there that big conventions just don’t have.

Couple of favourite drawings from a costumed post-apocalyptic life drawing session I went to last week.

Emergency post! I have waaay less money than I thought I did, but do have free time for the first time in months! I do these digitally, and provide them as such. 210x210mm, 300dpi, for personal use only.

🖌️ With a background (like the pieces below) - £65
🖌️ Full figures - £40
🖌️ Busts - £30

I'll add some more CW'd examples too, but my insta is linked on my profile, there's a lot there. Boosts appreciated! 💙

Me: start with a simple project, don’t get ahead of yourself too much
Also me: it’s told without text, only visuals, and also it will not be chronological, and also the rules of this other world work on dream logic, and also.............

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Pencils of first page of a comic I’m really excited to work on, about a person and a cat travelling and going on adventures in Elsewhere.

Scenes from Late Night Work Club, working on updating the covers of Retrograde for an upcoming zine fest. I think this really ties it together more, as before they looked clean but plain.

Forgot to post these several weeks ago so here are some more sketchbook pages with ravens and a couple owls.

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Some recent sketchbook drawings of owls and a raven done from photos, and some plants drawn on a recent walk by a stream.

I was going to wait to show the finished ones with both sides but I’m too excited haha.

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Really excited with how these good luck tokens are coming out! The other side will feature a different design, with a bat.

The full thing (eight pages) will be up online in the next week or so, titled Retrograde. Hope to do more with this character in the future! They’re one of my favourites. Tiny space explorer bouncing around the galaxy having little adventures.

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Page of a short sci fi comic I made about losing your keys when you’re in a hurry.

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