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Pluto II spacecraft- the plutos are named for the planet/dwarf planet (which has been reclassified four times by 2055, when Pluto I was released). Like it, there is much debate if the plutos— which are by far the smallest subcompact spacecraft on the market— actually count as spacecraft. Despite being capable of intersystem travel, a hallmark of true spacecraft, many consider them to be mere planet-hoppers, due to their common usage as such.

fiction, sci-fi worldbuilding 

Most intersystem travel is accomplished with medium-to-large crews of 10 or more, leaving the plutos as too small for such purposes, with a max capacity of 4 crew. However, for missions involving careful handling and tight manoeuvring, nothing can beat the plutos' abilities, and often very large craft will keep several on board for such a use.

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Text from some worldbuilding for a short sci-fi horror-ish comic I’m writing that I’m pretty excited about.

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