Forgot to post these several weeks ago so here are some more sketchbook pages with ravens and a couple owls.

Some recent sketchbook drawings of owls and a raven done from photos, and some plants drawn on a recent walk by a stream.

I was going to wait to show the finished ones with both sides but I’m too excited haha.

Really excited with how these good luck tokens are coming out! The other side will feature a different design, with a bat.

The full thing (eight pages) will be up online in the next week or so, titled Retrograde. Hope to do more with this character in the future! They’re one of my favourites. Tiny space explorer bouncing around the galaxy having little adventures.

Page of a short sci fi comic I made about losing your keys when you’re in a hurry.

Getting ready to ink some comics, so here’s some sketchbook drawings of faces I did as practise.

Here’s another sketch from the same outing as before, and a bonus photo from inside the barn.

A small comic I did while crying about a robot at 4am last night.
Text is from a birdsite thread here ( paraphrasing Opportunity’s last message.

After-midnight abandoned desert explorations from the weekend. Study done in procreate from a photo taken by a friend.

Krampus, alc (+) 

The sleepiest trash panda, drawn from life. 💤

Marker sketch based on a photo I took of a camp I went to in april 🌲

Here’s a design I’m playing around with, based on some doodling I did for the last new moon. I may turn this into a lino print eventually and make some patches with it.

Putting together business cards and realising how many birds (okay, mostly owls) I draw.🦉

Hey I did the thing!’s a lot of old art but oh well. Some comics, some animals, I think that sums up what I draw pretty much

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