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Headshot --- 5 USD

Waist-up --- 7 USD

Full-body --- 13 USD

All commissioned pieces will be lines only, no color!

One character per piece.

-Complicated backgrounds
-Extreme gore

-Canon characters

If interested, message me here or email me at!

Transactions will be completed through paypal invoices only!


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Hi! You can call me Decaf! I'm a 21 year old artist who is slowly working to improve their skills. My pronouns are they/them.

I enjoy using vibrant colors, and my favorite color palette to use in paintings is a limited palette using gold and purple! I've got a big interest in fantasy and various mythologies (especially because I'm a pagan), so expect that to influence my art a lot!

I'm currently packing to move, so all I have to offer right now is this WIP of a personal project

that's over 45 usd. i can't fucking afford that. hhhhhhh i don't have a stable paying job atm and i barely have any income at all.

welp my tablet's screen protector has a bad scratch on it and a new screen protector is way too fucking expensive for me to afford so i guess i'm fucked

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I feel like, the community here should be able to tolerate if someone gets checked for boundary issues? Like, “hey I’d appreciate if you didn’t joke like that with me” shouldn’t cause a great schism in the TL. Everyone has a right to set boundaries and sometimes people push to far, even if it’s just in the spirit of joking.

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Please be mindful of disabled guests when you go to amusement parks. Don't get in the way of someone with a cane or in a wheelchair.

I've personally been tripped up because people weren't paying attention and knocked my cane over while walking.

Please be mindful.

We want to enjoy the parks, too.

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My friend Rodger graciously allowed me to use his character for art practice! This is his character, Yanyo Ninari.

If a person tries to have a conversation or debate with you, and you continue to ignore their points and talk AT them and not TO them, you are arguing in bad faith. You do not want to actually have a conversation.

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slightly different version of the transmasc one where I color picked from Sylveon instead so the colors match better. Sorry lol
I'm picky about colors

— 𝓙𝓾𝓵𝓲𝓪𝓷 (𝓽𝓱𝓮𝔂/𝓱𝓮)

It is not a coincidence that minorities are very prominent fanartists and people view fanart as Not Real Art.

Politics / irt my last post 

The question is not "should we credit artists for their work?"

It's "why do you have a problem with giving people credit for their hard work?"

finally get to use krita again! painted Josef from The Ancient Magus' Bride to celebrate.

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I’m doing some more sprite work for my client Brian’s fantasy VN, and I’m pretty excited to show off this succubus character. 💕
L: original “neutral pose” sprite I made awhile back
R: “combat pose” variation I completed earlier this week

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