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'Julian #Assange's extradition case resumes on Monday in London. If it succeeds, and he is prosecuted in the United States for espionage, it will be a blow to any journalism which challenges the war machine.'


Friday Night Death - Natures Revenge series - 13. The Return of The Jungle - 29 Aug 20120
[video or audio only]

Friday Night Death show time at 11.00pm tonight (approx 4 hours)

Live and free phantasm and ectoplasm direct to your device* via

*(batteries required)

Getting hammered tonight (FTW) but regardless the theme for tonight's FND is "Hallways and Corridors".

Live stream starts in 4 hours via

Live improvised music, video, saxophone and all other sounds: Konk Zooben
(Double bass samples played with foot ;-)
Live video imagery generators, programming and streaming also by Konk Zooben
Images sourced from public domain, camera and @noisemakerbot
Friday Night Death goes live every Friday at 11.00pm AEST/ADST (1.00pm GMT)
More info and audio download at
Podcast feed:

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Replay of show #106 will be uploaded soon.

If you missed it but are hungry for some ‘death you could try listening to one in the archives. You can always come back for this episode later...that is if you survive of course…

Alright friends, the time has come. The mystery peertube instance I volunteered to!

#Blender is now running the latest version of #peertube! Follows were weird before due to the old version but are working perfectly now! If you are a peertube admin, follow it!

If just want to follow ALL of the channels from #Mastodon, follow @blender !

Glad to help out and I'll be helping with this instance going forward.

Please boost!

#art #b3d #digitalart #fediverse

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