Friday Night Death - 25 June 2021 - with guests Brigid Burke on clarinet & Rainer Linz on Gizmo 3

Video and audio:

Stopped posting music videos on peertube because appears to have disappeared. Any recommendations for a peertube instance for uploading live art music videos?


Julian Assange today.

Any journalist tomorrow.


@Curator More improvised live doom, ☠️ gloom, 💀 euphoria, 🌩️ music, 🎷 lights 🔦 and madness 😜 on my weekly show. Feel tired now after work but will be ready to roll in ~4 hours (11pm Melbourne time)

Friday Night Death - Steadfast Crab Walk

[live music / live video construction / peertube / mp3 download]

Thinking of calling this one Steadfast Crab Walk

Im' not sure why.. it just came up.. from some cut up I did tonight.. perhaps because I haven't found a reason not to.. is that a good enough reason?

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This week's show just done.. like a late night breakfast:
[live video creation and audio improv]

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