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Julian Assange today.

Any journalist tomorrow.


@Curator More improvised live doom, ☠️ gloom, 💀 euphoria, 🌩️ music, 🎷 lights 🔦 and madness 😜 on my weekly show. Feel tired now after work but will be ready to roll in ~4 hours (11pm Melbourne time)

Friday Night Death - Steadfast Crab Walk

[live music / live video construction / peertube / mp3 download]


Thinking of calling this one Steadfast Crab Walk

Im' not sure why.. it just came up.. from some cut up I did tonight.. perhaps because I haven't found a reason not to.. is that a good enough reason?

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This week's show just done.. like a late night breakfast:
[live video creation and audio improv]

@ArtPunk I tend to tweak a little every week to try and improve the hit/miss ratio or steer it in various directions. One day: "More Death and Gloom!" Another day "More Light and Colour!" And always: "More unpredictability! Random gloom/light/etc" There are manual processes, backend processes, (cron imagemagick etc), scripts for live assembly, live interactive hot keys, and the final then streams (and also gets captured at higher res) via OBS.

@ArtPunk Visuals are generated using a bunch of scripts and processes that I have been tweaking and building upon over past x amount of years.

Getting Toey In Toowoomba

Live streamed audio and video improvisation from last Friday.

Includes audio only and peertube versions:

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