Method 1. Don't let any thought persist. i.e. if you start thinking about something or visualising something demand your brain to move onto something else. Each time a new thought starts insist on changing it. You either fall asleep or you end up with rapid fire, strobe like thought changes (which becomes exhausting...)

Method 2. Convince yourself that it is rubbish night and that you have forgotten to take the bin out.

Friday Night Death - 27 Mar 2020 - No change for the misanthrope during a lockdown


Friday Night Death #89 – Living With The Covfefe Virus
with special guest Rainer Linz on gizmo and featuring art by Paul Greene

Friday Night Death #88 – Inchoate was a fierce warrior from an indistinct tribe.

@fribbledom Sometimes so frequent it appears to be evidence of... other times quash it with math/probability...

Konklusion: don't know...

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