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Rainbow Body Double - 11 Dec 2020 - FND#128

[live concert video uploaded to peertube]


(Yeay justtelly.com is back!)

Friday Night Death (27 Nov 2020) - Irregular Construction 637 (made up number)

[live audio and video]


RT @openlibrary@twitter.com

Open Library Founder, Aaron Swartz, would have been 34 this week.

On Sat 11/14 we honor Aaron w/ @AaronSwartzDay@twitter.com & International Hackathon. Hackathon starts at 10am, Speakers start at noon 😍🤓


🐦🔗: twitter.com/openlibrary/status

There will be a #hackathon next weekend in concert with #AaronSwartzDay . The entirety of it will be streamed on YouTube. You can read the prelude to that and what happened to Swartz in the link bellow + info about the hackaton:


#freeculture #kopimi

Friday Night Death - 6 Nov 2020 - Simone De Beauvoir

Live video and audio improv now uploaded to peertube:

Live streaming on youtube now - peertube upload later

This episode also The audio can be downloaded via www.fridaynightdeath.com/the-professor

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Uploading recordings of Friday Night Death live video/audio improvs to as of this week via justtelly.com. This is last Friday: "The Professor".


Irregular Construction 535 - Friday Night Death - 16/10/2020

[live video and audio]

Free Improvisation - By Appointment Only (for the cardigan set)


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