The Breath Of The Spirit Rushing Over The Dark Water
(Friday Night Death 172)

sorry my peertube channel disappeared so youtube (have been refraining posting youtube here but will get new channel or wow if i had time set up a peertube instance but yeah youtube of the live stream here:

Friday Night Death - 25 June 2021 - with guests Brigid Burke on clarinet & Rainer Linz on Gizmo 3

Video and audio:

Stopped posting music videos on peertube because appears to have disappeared. Any recommendations for a peertube instance for uploading live art music videos?


Julian Assange today.

Any journalist tomorrow.


Friday Night Death - Steadfast Crab Walk

[live music / live video construction / peertube / mp3 download]

Thinking of calling this one Steadfast Crab Walk

Im' not sure why.. it just came up.. from some cut up I did tonight.. perhaps because I haven't found a reason not to.. is that a good enough reason?

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This week's show just done.. like a late night breakfast:
[live video creation and audio improv]

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