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Julian Assange today.

Any journalist tomorrow.


Friday Night Death - Steadfast Crab Walk

[live music / live video construction / peertube / mp3 download]


Thinking of calling this one Steadfast Crab Walk

Im' not sure why.. it just came up.. from some cut up I did tonight.. perhaps because I haven't found a reason not to.. is that a good enough reason?

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This week's show just done.. like a late night breakfast:
[live video creation and audio improv]

Getting Toey In Toowoomba

Live streamed audio and video improvisation from last Friday.

Includes audio only and peertube versions:

If you have trouble describing your approach to art you can generate a descriptor using this Artist Ism Statement Generator:


Rainbow Body Double - 11 Dec 2020 - FND#128

[live concert video uploaded to peertube]


(Yeay justtelly.com is back!)

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