Irregular Construction 535 - Friday Night Death - 16/10/2020

[live video and audio]

Free Improvisation - By Appointment Only (for the cardigan set)

Faces of the Zombie Apocalypse - Friday Night Death #117 - 28 Sep 2020

[audio and video]

Friday Night Death #116 - Investment advice: War or Forests? (Konk Zooben weighs up the pros and cons)

[video and audio]


'Julian #Assange's extradition case resumes on Monday in London. If it succeeds, and he is prosecuted in the United States for espionage, it will be a blow to any journalism which challenges the war machine.'


Friday Night Death - Natures Revenge series - 13. The Return of The Jungle - 29 Aug 20120
[video or audio only]

Friday Night Death show time at 11.00pm tonight (approx 4 hours)

Live and free phantasm and ectoplasm direct to your device* via

*(batteries required)

Getting hammered tonight (FTW) but regardless the theme for tonight's FND is "Hallways and Corridors".

Live stream starts in 4 hours via

Live improvised music, video, saxophone and all other sounds: Konk Zooben
(Double bass samples played with foot ;-)
Live video imagery generators, programming and streaming also by Konk Zooben
Images sourced from public domain, camera and @noisemakerbot
Friday Night Death goes live every Friday at 11.00pm AEST/ADST (1.00pm GMT)
More info and audio download at
Podcast feed:

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