Partial WIP for a group shot of the lineup I used for last Unite and Fight.

Took some liberties with Djeeta's Berserker outfit to make it closer to Gran's.

Off to the side, you can see a bit of my bafflement as I attempt to figure out Tweyen's clothes.

And first character done! I meant to keep these (somewhat) low effort, but then I found myself actually doing renders so I guess that's what the lineup will be now.

WIP of step one of a current project - a lineup of OCs. Not where I want to be at drawing people by any stretch, but I'm really enjoying this!

Experimenting with shading and some materials stuff via doing my best to replicate excessive anime weapons.

Reference here:

Experimenting actively with different jaw shapes and designs to match. Just sketches for now, I figure I'll pick some designs I like and do some actual lineart later.

Today, some doodles trying out different horn and hair types and combos.

Continuing the slow process of shaking the rust off and moving forward.

Tried shaking myself out of some art block by forcing myself out of my digital art comfort zone + resisting the urge to throw out things that didn't work out right. And I made... a thing?

Alright, finally getting over sickness and an uptick in depression enough to finish this!

IPA and standard english versions for those like me whose IPA is weak.

The script uses diacritics for a number of its sounds, which should ideally go above the consonant they come after. Diacritics that come directly after one another can instead be placed as a top-bottom pair. Diacritics that precede any consonant at all must be put below the center line instead.

Hi, I'm notthepenguins! I'm a self-taught amateur artist and writer (at least when I can tell myself that). These days I mostly do constructed scripts () and runic circle type stuff, though I really want to branch out more...

I'm genderfluid, bi, and love fantasy and sci-fi. I also have a lifelong love for the X-Men.

You can also follow my art at, though I'm not super active.


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