Manza and his boss, Countess Colada.
She was kicked out of their greenery kingdom for trying to learn how to master a beloved fruit and make some nifty dishes out of em'.
Manza is just her bodyguard turned friend.

Campani, frozen goods "virtuoso", and owner of a frozen sweets shop.
He's fairly nice, but can be hot tempered when it comes to stupid complaints from tourists (and can be quite bitchy himself).

Good ol' Bee man. He's really good at making honey and honey-based things.
He's an escaped anarchist from a despotic honey kingdom, occasionally going back to wreak some brutal havoc and help others escape.

Alexi Hart, member of a unit dedicated to dealing with experimental creatures running amuck around the world. She’s one of the characters in a one shot I’m (sorta) working on at the moment.
They’re known as the Holotype Hunters (also the story's name)

Her name is Tatya. She's a witch and the owner/manager of a couple of fancy hotels across the world.
Mostly everyone likes her.
For some reason, she tends to attract treasure hunters, assassins, and mercenaries.

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