Bored forest ranger and cerveza-kinesis expert Pynolakes duels another hooligan-monster under the moon.
Note: he's been granted the ability to summon his own little room wherever he wants.
He can also summon beer at will.
There's some perks.

I might start doing more stuff where I just focus on the colors and shading.
Well, that and my hand is strained less by it.

I couldn't quite think of something to make her do in the drawing, so I decided to just give her a guitar.
She doesn't really play guitar.
Either way, I had a lot of fun with it.
It's a relief not having to spend a majority of the time thickening up and cleaning up the lineart.

Telenykas doesn't realize the finger is a positive gesture, and returns it to the crowd unkindly.
I wanted to use a color palette similar to a Metallica concert from '89.
It was fun.
Felt nice to not bother with trying to clean up the lineart.

Ghoul Unit's Tyto.
She's a rare kind, born with flight, and in general being an owl-person.
She's a feral dumbass, but sometimes shows hints of surprising intelligence.
Her favorite drink is rat flesh vodka, which is exactly what it sounds like.

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