Don't worry, he didn't unsheathe his sword.
He just whacked him with it...very hard.

Manza and Kolada take the bee swat challenge.
Despite making the challenge himself, bee-man didn't expect the double team (this time).
Probably didn't expect a little plant lady to hurt so much.

Featherheads no. 7: Alexi D'Alelio
She's reckless as fuck, fights hard as fuck, and is stupid as fuck (sometimes).
She has a bit of a unique "mutation" of electrical powers in the story.
She can summon cables, among many other things.

Featherheads dickhead no. 6: Enrico.

He’s got a fancy one out of 5 sword that has the power to summon swirls that act kinda like spooky ribbons.

He’s also an accomplished swordsman, and a serious sam.

Featherheads dickhead no. 3: Sierra Fonda.
Felt like drawing the cast for Featherheads, a shonen-inspired idea for a comic I had/have.
She can turn some/all of her body into different kinds of metal.
She fights with a rope-a-dope style.
Well, mostly.

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