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I figured i'll do a re (since I JUST figured out how to pin toots and i'm gonna pin this)
I'm me, I draw a lot of stuff, mostly OC stuff.
Sometimes I'll do some fanart, but my main goal is to do my own comics as a career
(I should get started on the "doing the comics" part soon. The career...who knows)

I guess my main thing is that I TRY to post a drawing every day.
It's a habit I picked up a few years ago.

But yeah, hope you enjoy the shit, dude.

Chip got the chance to bake his first thing that wasn’t just a measly cupcake.
It’s a chocolate “extra pulverizing hellfire plasma flamethrower of demonic magnificence” cake (with some strawberries).
Pumice Puma loves it.

Bizocho feat. a cake dragon. Feel bad for it, it’s probably gonna wreak havoc somewhere, and then someone’s just gonna wharf that motherfucker down like nobody’s fucking business.

“Look, I just need somethin’ to go beat up a giant plant dragon”
Camille wants Sofrito to stop being a wuss and use the braided rye sword of doom.
Sofrito ain’t one for fighting.

Ok, so my ideas for the future are:
1. Inktober
2. comics
3. Instead of doing lots of drawings, do less individual drawings, but have said drawings more packed.

I did this one like a week ago.
I normally don’t draw Stone Free cuz the design just fucks with my eyes whenever I try to look at it.
Goddamn it, though, i’m gonna get that design down.

Well, here's a possible hiatus warning.
Depends on whether or not the power eats shit cuz of the hurricane.
If it does, then i'll see y'all whenever it friggin' returns.

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