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I figured i'll do a re (since I JUST figured out how to pin toots and i'm gonna pin this)
I'm me, I draw a lot of stuff, mostly OC stuff.
Sometimes I'll do some fanart, but my main goal is to do my own comics as a career
(I should get started on the "doing the comics" part soon. The career...who knows)

I guess my main thing is that I TRY to post a drawing every day.
It's a habit I picked up a few years ago.

But yeah, hope you enjoy the shit, dude.

Agents of the Realm is 6 years old today :') just in time to almost be caught up in the story, too! Did a wallpaper to celebrate. You can download it for freeeee here:

I'm at the weird stage: it doesn't look like anything, and I have no idea if everything will fit together in the end

position: -0.02728018508936516 + 0.7815082331213652i
pixel width: 9.0391125581385e-06

When you hear that eerie music coming across the ancient dry sea bed, you have to mount up and go find its source..

More at

#astronaut #riding #dinosaur #figurine #sculpted #ceramic #gold #whitegold #mastoart

From last Friday, M105 (the galaxy on the right). 20cm f3.9Newtonian telescope. 6 min L, 3 min each RGB. M105 is an elliptical galaxy located about 36 Mly away from us in the constellation Leo. #astrophoto

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