going to be on an trip through scandinavia in the upcoming week(s).
not sure if I'll be posting much, but if I do, posts will be replies to this one.

next stop: hamburg

had a rough start - the first train just skipped my home station. it's the last stop on the line, serving that station can't be too important right? w/e, found a working alternative route just in time

swedish / finnish rail won't have a hard time to make a good impression next to deutsche bahn 🙃

next stop: alvesta, sverige via nighttrain.

it's already 2h delayed – and we're not yet on the train 😬

Riding on a night train is a *wild* experience 😅
I knew it was gonna be a tight space, but boy is this cabin crammed
But the bed's comfy

And the sounds !
Train noises often make me sleepy, but having a bed with that soundscape? Yass

with a proper lack of good sleep we arrived in Växjö, home of the famous punch-those-nazis-with-my-handbag woman

Νästa: Stockholm C

we won't stay there, but take the ferry over to finland (and hopefully find the time to explore the city on the way back)

The Sibelius Museum in Turku has an exhibit of this neat max/msp patch arranged in a tree shape.
Oh and they also have an harpsichord and reed organ to play on 🧡

Fun thing about traveling through so many places quicker than you can adapt is being hypersensitive to differences in peoples attitude and style.

Fashion tip for Turku: dress all black, fake leather jacket mandatory

Helsinki was nice, my favourite place: Oodi Library.

It's the near perfect utopia for a modern public place from what I've seen.

Oodi isn't primarily a place to borrow books – more like makerspace meets livingroom meets school meets bookborrowinstitution meets exhibition, in that order.

And the promise of being open for anyone felt true, i never felt out of place, it kinda was an extension of home.

You can tell, I'm deeply impressed.


there's a laser cutter, 3d,screen,largeformat printers, sewing machines, workstations with adobe suite (?), 4 a/v studios + high quality instruments - all open to be used by anyone (which most of them were when i was there)

just imagine having a society & politics valuing such a place enough to throw money at it so it exists

I'm on a boat! ..and I hate it

Never wanted to be on one of those cruise ferrys, but here I am, unable to slerp
This capitalistic hellthing feels so distant to anything humane, it's almost impressive.

From the everpresent drone of the engines slurping 2L/s of the ~dirtiest~ cheapest fuel available, over the overworked&underpaid personel, obnoxious German tourists, and the badly delivered 'entertainment', to the almost unescapable consumerism & monopolistic extortion (buffet for 42€) – big oof

Dystopia on water 

I could go on forever :
There is almost no place to sit without buying some overpriced shit.
Crew is obviously divided in 2 classes.
The cleaning crew is either PoC or visibly under 18, or both (I've never seen such dead faces on white teenagers before)
Schedule is so tight that cabins are cleaned before arrival, waking passengers at 5am for some profit optimization only.
Security picked out the only PoC passenger from checkin.

Today concludes our interrail trip.
Didn't post anymore, but we continued visiting Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö / Kopenhavn, always just taking a glimpse of these places.
Next time I'd do less stops and stay longer, but seeing many different places was great too c:

Totally unbiased city tierlist in terms of 'could imagine living there':

City tierlist in terms of public transport (in terms of availability and ease of use weighted by popsize):
(Nothing for quite a stretch)
(everthing else)

What the Finnish cities and Stockholm do great is a very simple pay as you go checkin system that works rather seamless, quite impressive from a German perspective.
Finnish transit was comparatively very cheap, while in Sweden it was quite more expensive than what I'm used to.

Copenhagen was disappointing, but we were there only for a couple of hours.
They have this cool fully automated subway, but station density was low, so it mostly didn't make sense to use pubtransit for short distances.
What I saw didn't seem very bike friendly either? idk. Oh and this city smells worse than Cologne, quite a feat.

Rail service tier list:
Finnish rail (good service overall, all trains I saw were on time. Great signage, good planning app)
Swedish rail (similar. Older stock, a couple of delays)
German rail (it's not often on time, but they get surprisingly many other things right)
Danish rail (neither frequency, good signage, nor good accessibility. At least they're on time :D)

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