Google is currently on witchhunt for alternative frontends: They target the services as well as their users.

In the last week, instances first got IP banned, and once that was circumvented stopped via heavy rate limits.

Now they manage to associate users with google accounts somehow, and suspend these accounts:

Now that these frontends got 's attention, I don't think we can sustain this cat & mouse game for long. 😔

Disclaimer: As @freakazoid pointed out below, the thing could be a hoax / spreading fud.

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@norwin I think it's time to switch to alternatives like PeerTube and try to convince the content creators to use them, too.

@julian absolutely, invidious & newpipe just hide the problem & don't scale well

@julian @norwin The problem is money. People make money making things for YouTube. Sometimes they live on it. Are people going to monetize peertube, and how?

@Shufei @julian oh, there's more problems. moderation seems much harder with videos than toots from looking at some generic instances on also privacy issues due to the p2p architecture

@Shufei @norwin I support a few people on Patreon, including youtubers. I would gladly add some peertubers.

@julian @norwin That’s a good point. I wonder if Patreon would be enough to scale eventually?

@Shufei @julian @norwin the only sustainable option is to get funding by users/viewers. everything else makes you dependent and you no longer produce in the users/viewers interest (see proprietary software/influencers).

Ahem, let's see for example Linuses videos on LTT channel. They are sponsored not by users/viewers directly.
@Shufei @julian @norwin

@Camel @davidak @Shufei @julian well this type of funding exists just because other sources are not sufficient. I'd be glad if this type of sponsored content would not exist in a post-youtube era ;)

There is no such thing as 'sufficient sponsorship'. Some people make money on Youtube. A lot of money. Much more then they need to sustain life. And you can't blame them for being popular. You can't blame Pewdiepie and Metallica even if you prefer Adam Neely and Animals as Leaders.
@davidak @Shufei @julian

@Camel yes and the sponsor message is really annoying and manipulating. but this could also work on peertube when they still have the views @Shufei @julian @norwin

Same way they monetize YouTube videos with advertising, or as they call it 'native integration'.
@julian @norwin

The problem is not money, the problem is 'Recommendations' or 'Recommended for you'. Video creators can make money same way they do it now with advertising, but you can't attract visitors to your video hosting without good recommendation service.
@julian @norwin

@norwin What sefinitely works against the latter is to use an Android free from the Play Services, but for most people this means losing warranty on phones.

I totally support this. Indy creators can as well use Patreon or liberapay to finance themselves, and upload both to YouTube and PeerTube instances.

Depending on a centralized website is never good.

@norwin I call bullshit on the NewPipe one. Go read the thread. No actual evidence presented, no other users affected, new account with very little activity and whose name is apparently a string of Finnish profanity. Nope.

@freakazoid good point, might as well just be FUD. Though I still think it's google affiliated due to the timing with invidious.
What matters to me more, is that these frontends are no longer under the radar of management at google.

@norwin The timing is almost certainly because the hoax was inspired by the Invidious thing. People choose hoaxes that they think are likely to be believable.

@norwin Suspension of my Google account isn't really in my risk profile since I'm just planning to delete it completely after downloading ~200 GB of my data :)

@norwin Is that why I'm getting "Video unavailable" errors from ?

@elukerio guys ? D:

@norwin They also broke the Youtube plugin for Kodi pretty hard. My API keys lasted maybe 24 hours before getting DV'd.


As much reason as there is to distrust Google, the user reporting this doesn't provide evidence to know this is the case, so we can't be sure this is related to NewPipe usage.

- the problem with invidious instances is likely linked to google rate limits on almost everything (they started by adding limits on search API years ago ;) )

- the newpipe story is weird and look fake as hell (hopefully it is, I'd hate that :/ )

and I'm pretty sure we will be able to sustain this cat and mouse game ;) ad blockers always won (up to now )

@norwin Magisk is doing that since a while for Android against SafetyNET.

The issue reporter never provided proof, so may just be scaremongering/trolling

@norwin I think we can sustain it for a very long time.The #NewPipe thing looks totally fake and anyway you shouldn't have Google shit installed and shouldn't have a Google account.In that case there's nothing they can do.And Invidious should be able to bypass the rate limit by connecting over Tor which gives you a new IP from a very big pool of exit nodes quite often.They can only try to annoy us with technical restrictions.If they could take any legal actions,they would have already done that.


If you make video content... it's time to move to #peertube
If you watch video content on #YouTube, it's time to ask the channel creators for their PeerTube channel.

Let your voice be heard.


@norwin bon j'espère que c'est un hoax. Même si j'aime pas trop Google, de perdre le compte me ferais bien chier...

@norwin We can self host Invidious or Nitter instances. We don’t need Google accounts at all (I don’t have one too and recommend that). There’s already a precedence that they cannot legally prevent us from scraping like in case of LinkedIn when they lost lawsuit about that.

Last but no least related to the linked issue: correlation is not causation.

@norwin No one should post more videos onto YouTube. PeerTube is the answer here.

@norwin loook at the end of the NewPipe issue. It likely is just a troll.

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