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my 6-year old kid cousin describing birds: "they suffer, just like us." #KidsSayTheDarndestThings

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sigh, builds of my opensensmapr package fail with the latest R release. again.

absolutely not sure if i'm willing to spend all these hours again on fixing that.

better to use this time to prepare something nice for 35c3!

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I am now feeling pretty good about the decision I made a while back, to only keep #PageKite TLS keys and certs on RAM disks on the servers I'm renting.

Sure, that can also be compromised. But it requires much more invasive changes to hosting infrastructure. Just cloning a disk image and handing it over to LE is a capability hosting co's have always had.

The downside of course, is my servers don't start up without manual intervention. That hasn't been much of a problem in practice. Yet.

wow, i got pretty close to the perfect commit hash

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when someone sends u multiple unrelated messages and you have to respond to each topic individually, i never know whether to treat them like a stack or a queue

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Watched Fight Club (again).

Man that film is weird to watch in today's political climate. Very weird!

It all seemed so absurd and incredible when it was new. Now it feels uncomfortably plausible as all the wrong kinds of inspiration.

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One of the astounding luxuries of being alive right now is high quality audio equipment is affordable and there is a limitless amount of music available. And no, you don't need it all in vinyl unless you are into that. Good quality digital audio is on every scientific metric relevant to humans the best quality.

This is a case of capitalism solving a problem and than completely ruining the solution because once capitalism solves a problem it has no way to grow more than to ruin the solution.

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Every machine is a smoke machine if you operate it wrong enough

(2/2) Noch besser war der Kommentar "Machen sie den Punkt bitte nochmal neu, den hat das Ding nicht aufgezeichnet".
Bei mir auf dem Tablet wurde der aber deutlich angezeigt.

Was bitte ist ne Unterschrift wert wenn ihre 1:1 Kopie nicht garantiert ist?

Beim Amt (in Münster) darf man jetzt digital auf nem Wacom Tablet unterschreiben.
Das ist richtig absurd:
Du weißt nicht was du unterschreibst, weil nur das Unterschriftfeld dargestellt wird; der Sachbearbeiter konnte mir erst NACHDEM das Formular fertig im System war den Kontext meiner Unterschrift zeigen!
Ist das überhaupt rechtens?

dear collective mind,
how would i generate such a diagram from a git repository?
(found this diagram in the mpv wiki)

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this is meant to be as a kinda background signature music for a contemporary art award

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USB has 2 sets of signal lines: D+ and D-, and another pair named GND and V+ that supply real-time, down-to-the-nanosecond power draw analytics for every single thing inside the computer, a cacophony of sounds for humans, dogs and aliens who can hear up into the megahertz, endless squawks to no-one through the silicon megalopolis, the indifferent screech of an electric jungle, a hellish canopy best witnessed by a herzog or a ginsberg. a side effect is that you can also use them as power rails

On a related note:
Is it possible to restore deleted nodes (locally, eg with JOSM)?

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The Kunsthistorische museum in Wien really knows how to reflect on current events from a historical context.

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just noticed that in an email I sent to my landlord days ago, the word kitchen somehow got autocorrected(?) to “kitchen” (with quotes). not intentional but i really hope it’s perplexed the hell out of them

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