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Who are your favorite #musicians in the #fediverse, #mastodon, etc? Or favorite #funkwhale accounts to follow? I’m looking for recommendations #followfriday

Kam leider diesmal nicht in Frage, aber normalerweise leihe ich für Transporte kostenlos ein Lastenrad in Köln:

Damit kann man freitagsnachmittags die weltbeste Single-Critical-Mass veranstalten ;)


pretty wild that the panama papers journalist was broad-daylight assassinated and that was the end of it

in letzter zeit habe ich ein paar menschies von der birdsite hier rüber geholfen, und es war immer mit haareraufen verbunden, weil nicht-techies mit begriffen wie 'dezentral' und 'instanzen' etc nix anfangen können, und es sie auch garnet interessiert (was ich total okay finde), aber sie deshalb auch hürden schon garnet gewuppt kriegen.

kurz: die einstiegshöhe ist HOCH.

deshalb würde ich gerne ein einstiegstutorial in 'einfacher sprache' entwickeln.

Things I wouldn't have ever expected:
1️⃣ Being approached in Reykjavík by another tourist due to my Mother's Cake hoodie
2️⃣ having fans in Cap Verde

For those unaware of this amazing band:

Just arrived at , and the gig was damn good. It was more lightshow & demo visuals than anything :o :3

ich konnte Seeed ja nie ab, aber diese Nummer ist ein echt zuverlaessiger lifehack fuer mich


I'm happy to announce that at a count of 378 I've now built enough modules to cover all possible cases in whatever funky townscape you might want to build with this.



keygen music is my favourite type of jazz


Live AV + AV Screenings

Saturday, 30 November 2019 from 19:30-00:00

RichMix #RichMixPressPlay

with Richard Evans - SENTINEL – Live AV Performance

Electronic music composer Richard Evans presents SENTINEL, a spectacular audiovisual show inspired by the planet’s most urgent issue - climate change. An original soundtrack of analogue synths, electro-rhythms & live vocals accompanies data visualisations from award-winning artist Valentina D’efilippo, video content and laser lighting for this captivating event. SENTINEL is developed with support from Arts Council England, Manchester Science Festival and Waterside Arts. A SENTINEL album will be released for download from Autumn 2019. His projects take inspiration from real-world science to explore biotechnology, machine intelligence and the environment.



Hej, whats a good outdoor wifi repeater? (i'm looking for good range, not necessarily high throughput)

"..sagt man im rheinland nicht türelich?"

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