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Dangerous spam alert: Watch out for unexpected DMs which claim that "Someone cloned your profile." The link points to a malware site.

birdsite shenanigans 

oh yeah fun stuff twitter decided it'd be a nice idea to attach thumbnails to tweet notifications now

for follow recommendations


of nsfw artists

with the entire big no-no visible on my notifications pulldown
in the thumbnail

thanks twitter

If you find some cool art via RedBubble, Etsy, TeeSpring, etc: Don't buy it! There's a very high chance it's stolen, and your money will NOT go to the artist.

Take a moment to check the artist's pages elsewhere and see that you're looking at one of their own listings, or if they have their stuff elsewhere.

If you can't find the artist via the shop page, then it's almost certainly stolen, please don't buy it, save your money for something else.

I wonder if I should dump all my unfinished work and one off sketches here exclusively from now on. not much point in keeping them to myself after all.

Foooxes (each drawing is 1 inch x 1 inch). Wow, after all this time animal drawings again. Glad I still have some skills in that department. (Was weird to draw traditional, I always wanted to zoom in and undo, haha.)

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